About Me

Welcome to my little neck 'o the internet! I'm Kirby Hoberg--a Texan girl just transplanted from SF Bay Area to the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

I'm home with the kids (6 year old John, 3 year old Therese, and 9 month old Felicity) during the day, and spend my evenings dancing Ballet, in the theater, singing in the choir, or just cuddling with my awesome husband, Matt. How we met is a funny story.

I love coffee, Anthropology, Country music, and British television, plus I have the drinking taste of an old man.
I'm a 2nd generation homeschooler, semi-crunchy mom, who can't seem to run out of depths to delve in Catholicism.

Let's get to know each other with a strong cup of coffee (or an Old Fashioned)!

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  1. Thanks for sharing with us! It's great to know you :)


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