What Little Kids Think About Homeschooling

Monday, July 27, 2015

We are getting ready for our first kind of structured homeschool year around here. It's really just for John (3). Therese (11 months) is along for the ride, wherever this goes.

We'll be using 26 Letters to Heaven this year. I like to start in early August. Partly because I'm out of ideas for fun things by that point in the summer, and partly because I think it will work well for the break taking around busy times of year (like Christmas and Holy Week.)

This is sort of Charlotte Mason, but doesn't really fit completely into any of the homeschool method categories. (As far as I can tell. Perhaps someone can correct me.)
It is a "letter a week" structure. Some of the "weeks" might be longer than a week because there are some ideas I like more than others in theory.

It is a Catholic curriculum with a saint of the week (name starts with the letter), a virtue of the week (ditto), and a scripture verse (just goes with the virtue, not necessarily the letter.) We will mostly be doing the ideas for math, science, geography, literature, cooking, etc. We will be trying out as much of the booklist as I can find at the library, and recipes that I can handle.

School wall in the summer days. Liturgical year road map is for Little Lambs.

Faith we will be doing mostly Family Formation's Little Lambs program that is pretty comprehensive in that department, and it comes ready to go (no extra work for me!)

I'm going to be reporting back on these homeschool experiments throughout the year. Feel free to comment with what you have done with kiddos.

I was homeschooled up until high school. I really enjoyed the experience and found that I enjoy the pace of homeschool life. We tried sending John to a little kids camp at the rec center around the corner for almost five months, but I really hated how much it messed with nap and lunch schedules. Lots of me not getting to eat during the day + tired cranky babies = burned out mommy. I have a feeling this will work out better for us.

We will be starting up in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to get down what John thinks of all this.

The Interview

Me: John, what do you think about school?

John: I do books! Lots of books.

Me: What kind of books do you use for school?

John: Library books...

Me: anything else?

John: 1-2-3-4-5, 5 library books!

Me: who teaches your school?

John: Nirvana and Steven

Me: Who else?

John: Zach!

Me: Does mommy?

John: Mommy?

Me: Does mommy teach your school?

John: ...Mommy teach my school....

Me: What do you do with your school things? [meaning art supplies]

John: After my school!

Me: Will you make anything with them?

Me: Pictures!

He's totally got this down.

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