The Dance 7QT!

Friday, April 8, 2016

I was inspired by rehearsal last night to do a round of dance 7 Quick Takes! Linking up with Kelly at This Ain't the Lyceum.


We are in the homestretch for getting this dance choreographed and down pat.

When asked what the story is that the dance is trying to convey, I put it something like this:

We're two mischievous girls (or fairies, I'm cool with that) who are having a fun time in a meadow (I picture somewhere in the French countryside). They are at a point where they are a little flirty but still really can't be bothered with boys. It's much more fun to dance with your BFF instead.


In order to get more rehearsal time with the studio is booked solid with classes and other rehearsals, the local Jesuits have graciously let us use their living room space.

These guys have seen us do this dance 50-odd times. Last night, I asked them to show us what they have learned. Here's what happened.



Costumes got ordered this week! 

And by costumes I mean skirts that were part of Plan....E for costumes.
Apparently, my costume ideas were shared by other groups performing in this show. I've learned next time I get my heart set on an idea I should just order the things ASAP.


But, as I put it to my dance partner, I'm a Texan armed with a sewing machine and a glue gun. We can make this happen!


Ahhh, it's real!


In the process of training for this show, I've come up with a lot of clever ways to combine training with other things I need to do (taking care of babies, cooking dinner, praying, etc.)

I've developed a stretch/pilates routine that becomes an active rosary, and I hope to write that up next week. 
Also coming next week: day in a life! Ever wonder what it looks like combining motherhood with dancing, running young adult events, and studying? 
Me too, so I figured I should write this down just to prove to later me how this all happened.


We got on the topic last night of what is your favorite dance video? I realized I have a lot, but this is one I could watch over and over again (Center Stage for-eva!). Enjoy!


  1. That video of the Jesuits is awesome!!!! I'm sure that your performance will be splendid. That's too bad that your original costume idea was shared by other groups-I'm sure it must have been fantastic. Hopefully, your "Plan E" costumes work out :) I think your day in a life post will be really cool-I love learning about how different people manage their time!

  2. I am very interested in this stretch/Pilates rosary. I've been thinking of ways to merge the two but have been unsuccessful in doing so. Looking forward to reading about your process.


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