7 Tips for Posting a Picture a Day as a Busy Mom

Friday, November 25, 2016

Linking up with This Ain't The Lyceum for 7 Quick Takes!

The Zelie Group is hosting a photo challenge for Advent! 

I love photo challenges! I might not be able to blog as often as I like (especially that the busy liturgical season meets production time this year!), but I can pull off posting a picture a day. 
Here's my top 7 tips for posting a picture a day as a busy mom.


Take your own "stock" photos

When we're somewhere beautiful or the light happens to be good, I snap a picture. I do it often enough that I've developed my own stash of stock photos. There is often more more than one thing beautiful about a place, but if I were to put them all up at once those individually beautiful moments might get missed. Posting them later, or using them for blog images, allows for more beauty to be appreciated.


Backup your pictures

One problem you will run into when you start to take more photos - lack of storage space! I love the Shoebox app for backing up photos. It has unlimited photo storage and it's easy to download a picture back to my camera roll when I want to use it.
I can free up storage space from the app, it asks if it can delete photos once they have been securely backed up. Pro tip: clean out your deleted photos folder to free up space right away (iPhones store photos for 30 days post deletion otherwise.)


Think ahead

I like to be thinking about the photo prompts about a week ahead. If I see something that might work for one of those prompts, I snap a picture. 
It can sometimes be helpful to think in terms of what you want to say about that prompt and let your picture ideas flow from that. I love seeing when people take a creative take on a prompt!


Save the photo prompts as a phone screen

Sometimes the hardest thing is remembering what photo prompts are coming up! I like to save the prompt image on my phone lock screen so I see it every time I go to use my phone.


Write a good caption

Because it's not just about the picture! Tell us why you thought to take a picture of this moment - what about it speaks to you? Share your unique voice!


It doesn't need to be perfect

I feel like this photo captures our day really well: a little off, with a hungry Therese and John is just a blur.

Yes we're all trying our best to convey something beautiful, but we're not professional photographers! (At least I'm not.) Give it your best shot, but sometimes you are going to be left with options that are blurry, slightly out of focus, or have weird light. Own it! 
I want to see your life the way you see it at your most optimistic. Maybe your light is weird because it is winter wonderland outside and snow does funny things. Tell us about it. Don't let the photography learning curve stop you!


Embrace the ridiculous 

Because sometimes life is just ridiculous. Take for example this shot from the preparations for my daughter's birthday party:

It was terrible. Absolutely horrendous. Wanna talk learning curve? Gluten free baking. It's hard!
When I pulled this result out of the oven, I was at the point of laughing or crying. I chose to laugh, and buy some gluten free bread from a store, and I took this picture of my hard won failure.


Hope you found some of these helpful!
The Advent photo challenge starts on Sunday (same as Advent!).

Get in on the fun by tagging your pictures on Facebook or Instagram with #thezeliegroup, #TZG_photochallenge, and #TZG_advent2016.

If you tag me in your pictures (@underthyroof) I'll be sure to come comment and see how your Advent is going!

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  1. These tips are so handy! My phone is very, very basic and doesn't have the ability to take pictures, so it's always a little inconvenient for me to go through the process of uploading photos from my camera to the computer THEN to social media, so I don't do it as often-but your ideas make me want to start taking pictures more!


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