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Friday, May 12, 2017

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Happy Friday everyone! This was an exciting week in the Hoberg household.


Our Moving Truck Finally Arrived!

We can finally stop camping in our house! The first thing we legit cooked in our kitchen was spaghetti and it tasted so good after so much frozen food!


....But There Are Some Problems

The first thing we started unpacking was the coffeemaker (#priorities) only to find it smashed to pieces. Some other pieces were deeply dinged and a crate was temporarily lost. Somehow all of the boxes got piled into our sunroom and not in the room there were directed to be in. The box excavation is coming along and I got to get a new (super nice) coffee maker at Target.

So long trusty old friend. I feel like we've gone through a lot together.
.....your replacement is pretty awesome though....

We're Planting Our First Garden!

Having been apartment dwellers our entire marriage, we are so excited to have dirt! Tomatoes went in first, and the garden space already had chives, oregano, and strawberries thriving - even in it's neglected state.

I think peppers are next. John wants to make sure we include sunflowers, pumpkins, and radishes. I have no idea how the interest in radishes suddenly appeared, but rolling with it.


Dealing with the Wildlife

So far we've found that our yard is also home to: rabbits, gophers, chipmunks, various birds, and ants. 
Huge, swarming, ants. 
We're investing in some ant traps for the house, and hoping the current fencing around the garden is enough to give our new plants a chance.


Gender Reveal!

We found out the gender of new baby this week!
John and Therese got to be in the sonogram room for the big reveal and see their new sibling on the monitor.

Big brother and big sister are happy to tell you that.....



We're all incredibly excited!
Thanks to everyone who sent girl baby name ideas! We've got a good list going. Now we just have to winnow it down to one!


  1. YAY!!!! I have been waiting to hear if Baby 3 were a girl or boy... thank you for sharing, and allowing us to share in your excitement.

    I also love the veggie/fruit garden. I hope the fascination in radishes extends to the eating of them! 😂 And, I chuckled at your farewell to your old coffee pot, by the added "the new one is pretty awesome, though" comment... I love repleacing old things, because usually it means an upgrade... although it is a pain to do the replacement on the tail end of a move.

    So much excitement going on in this post!!

    1. Love to share the excitement!

      I'm totally one of those people who will put up with a less than ideal, but still mostly functional, item FOREVER. Sometimes being broken beyond repair is for my own good. I'm so excited to have a coffeepot with a timer now!

  2. Yay, congratulations on baby girl!! And radishes are so so easy to grow and are ready to harvest pretty quickly - even if the kids don't like them, it's a fun, quick gratification sort of crop 😊

    1. At worst I know my husband will eat them if I make them into pickles. Or just roasted. He's blessedly non-picky.

    2. We're already on our third round of radishes for the year. They are usually the last thing the bugs go to and are incredibly sturdy despite bites in their leaves. We LOVE them roasted with a whole chicken. Sunflowers and pumpkins are pretty great growers too as long as the birds don't capture the seeds before they sprout! I've heard a little chicken wire tented over the top can help prevent them from being stolen out of the ground. Good luck! How fun to have garden space in your new home!!

    3. Good to know at least something might stand a chance! All the many things that would like to devour the garden are making me nervous.

  3. A girl!!! Now it's time to start browsing Sancta Nomina hardcore... ;)

  4. It's so neat that y'all are getting a garden started! I'm impressed that y'all are able to tackle that in the midst of unpacking and being pregnant. Congrats on the baby girl!

    1. It makes it mentally easier for me that the growing season is restricted here. There are only so many months a year that a garden is even possible, so if we really screw up we'll try again next year!

  5. And congrats on your baby GIRL! So exciting!! <3

    1. Thanks Laurel! We're all very excited. John more then expected!

  6. 😂 love it! They are so cute! My family and I have recently discovered radishes and 3/4 are fans!!!!


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