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Friday, November 6, 2015

Linking up with This Ain't the Lyceum for another round of 7 Quick Takes!

Welcome to a week of truly all over the place thoughts! It's how my brain is working today.


Happy Post-Halloween time everybody! It felt necessary to post baby Dobby again.

So. Stinkin. Cute.

In case you missed it, Harry Potter party was awesome.


Our neighborhood hosts a Dia de los Muertos celebration every year mostly around All Souls. 
It's the most Catholic thing to happen in public all year.

Except, Berkeley.

This is a memorial altar to dead trees. 
Not people, trees.

Yet, covered in paper. Kind of in bad taste, don't you think Berkeley?


Saturday is Catholic Underground!

It's part adoration, part concert. It's probably the coolest adoration I've ever attended. 
We put a spotlight on Jesus. 
Like a literal spotlight, on Jesus.


This song has been stuck in my head for over a week! Clearly, the solution is to share it with more people.


I've been reading this book lately. Thanks for the recommendation/book loan Steven!

I'll let you know about what I think about this when I see how my questions are handled. This is one of those books where I think I know what is going on and then I am proved wrong. So no reviewing until reading is completed.

It's probably a good rule regardless.


Sometimes Therese is up before John from nap.
I have been trying to get a video of how she wakes him up. It normally goes something like this:

Therese: *giving hugs and gurgles*
John: *very groggy* Hi Therese. Love you Therese. Don't touch me Therese.
Therese: *give kisses too!*

John has decided that he wants to skip this super fun routine.

This is how Therese feels about that.


Finally, thank you to everyone who has messaged, commented, emailed, called, and showed up over the past few weeks! Your prayers and kindness means more than you know.

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  1. Haha only in the West/ I find it hilariously ironic that they cover it in paper :P I grew up in Oregon until I was 8 1/2, and the one experience I had with a radical tree-hugger has been forever imprinted in my mind-there was a huge overgrown bush/plant thing that was making it dangerous to walk across the path and down the staircase to the driveway, and my parents were apologizing to a group of people who were over for it. They explained that they were planning on having this invasive bush thing taken out. 2 people-I kid you not-started petting it, apologizing to it, and calling the bush "sweetheart." Made quite the impression to eight-year-old me!


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