In Which I Show the End of Our Advent in Berkeley!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Whew did things get away from me this week! Hence the bloggy silence.

So I'm going to link up with Kelly at This Ain't the Lyceum for a catch up 7QT!

We will fly to Texas next week to spend Christmas, so here is the last bit of our Advent in Berkeley!


St. Lucia Day happened!

We made these Saffron Cardamom Buns.


That same, very rainy, morning we went to see the opening of the Holy Door for our diocese!

It was cool, I'm glad we went.

But it would have been nice to know ahead of time that this would run more the length of an Easter Vigil! 

There are no photos of this event due to the stress of trying to keep two littles quiet and not-too-destructive for two hours. 
When the rector decided to deliver essentially a second homily it was very hard to think charitable thoughts.


What I did document was cookie exchange!

So much goodness!

We brought out the bourbon to spike the delicious cider, and that was an excellent choice.


Things my 3 year old said in church on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception:

Very pregnant woman walks in and John, in the silent church mind you, whisper shouts, "Mom! She's got a baby under her shirt?!" 

"Mom, see that guy? That guy is my best friend." 
He was lined up with the pastor, a seminarian, and the tabernacle. Not bad choices.


We have a wedding this weekend! A lovely friend is getting married!
I'm one of the singers for the wedding. We had our music rehearsal during the day on Monday. 
John got my phone and took about 40 pictures of this:

Eventually, he moved out to get another 30 of this:

Sweet sleepy baby!


Attending this wedding is really exciting for us because it will be the first wedding we have attended since our own (in the same church!) 4.5 years ago.

Which also means I have not danced in public with my husband in 4.5 years.

Time to remedy that!


Finally, I get to do this tonight.

Basically, we're going caroling with Jedi!

If you're in the area, you can come too!


  1. Yes! Christmas caroling AND Jedi-monks? How jelly am I?! ;)

    1. Oh it gets better, they have a band!

  2. The Christmas caroling sounds like such a cool event!! That Youtube link is great :) Wow, so I had kinda wanted to attend a Holy Door opening, but it didn't work out, but TWO HOURS?!?!?! I never would have thought that it could last that long. Wow! Also, those cookies look incredible. A cookie exchange sounds like a marvelous idea!

  3. Next year I totally need to make those rolls. Where are you headed to in Texas?


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