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Friday, December 4, 2015

Linking up with This Ain't the Lyceum this morning for 7 Quick Takes!

Happy first week of Advent everybody! Here's how it looked around these parts.


The baby and I both came down with colds this week! That put a significant damper on many of the Advent plans. Mostly those that involved walking, or standing, or listening to noises.


But my Mom is an awesome Grandma and she sent this!

I loved movies as a kid, and John seemed to agree with little Kirby about how awesome they are.
We have probably watched it seven times since it arrived.


And a big reason we have watched a movie so often is this lovely little change.

Closing it up...

And we're sealed!

We lost our doors!

For good reason, they found some sort of fungus growing underneath them which was probably compromising safety.
But not being able to access the outside patio (and kick the kids outside so I can make dinner) is really putting a damper on the mood around here.


This has led to some very creative play around here.

Brother the Sled Dog was a big hit.

And creative crafting!

He liked putting on puppet shows for us, but they were very abstract. No plot or characters, just ACTION!

You *can* make cute cut out puppets OR you can have the 3 year old glue a single googly eye on a stick and call it a minion!
Smartest mom crafting move I have ever made.


I have been (mostly) successful at keeping up with the Morning and Evening prayer with this one!
I also added the Office of Readings. Odd things sound like fabulous ideas to sick Kirby, but reading homilies of St. Augustine while sick was one of my favorite experiences from this week.


In case you are following along, here is the progress on that crazy complicated what-were-you-thinking-picking-this-pattern stocking I'm making for my darling husband.

The cross stitching part is done! I had to squint at shades of green at Joann's to have enough thread to do it, but that is a great part to have completed!

Now for ALL of the back stitching. And beading. And embroidering his name on top.

I don't think that St. Nicholas Day deadline is going to happen.
But it WILL be done by Christmas!
(I'm just going to be stubborn about that.)


I'll leave you on a cute note, so here is a picture of Therese and I after we got caught in a downpour yesterday.

She has discovered tongues lately, and they are the most fascinating thing in the entire world!


  1. How sweet! We loved yesterday's down pour too... Though this mean mommy made the little girl wait until it was done before getting outside and getting wet in the puddles ;) Happy Advent to you!

  2. I love that St. Nicholas movie!!! My siblings and I grew up watching those CCC videos all the time-they are quite splendid! Wow, that stocking is looking really good. I admire your patience and dedication!


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