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Friday, January 8, 2016

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After a Texas vacation and the fun of the Christmas season is coming to a close, we got back to business as usual around here.


That includes getting back to homeschooling!

Sneak peek of letter L week.


You might have noticed that we haven't had a homeschool post on here in awhile. That's because our midway two week break became more like a two month-ish break because.......I lost the book.

I know that sounds like the teacher version of "the dog ate my homework", but I swear that's what happened!
Could not find the curriculum book anywhere in our (rather small) house. 
Finally gave up and ordered a new one on Amazon, and I found the book the day before it arrived in the mail.

Thanks St. Anthony. A little slow, but you got there.


This little one turned 16 months old last month. She's still not walking independently (she does use chairs and other objects as walking props.) 

Therefore, no rainy patio time for the scooter baby.
More incentive for walking time!


Finally had my act together enough to do the Epiphany house blessing this year!

Now to convince John that I still mean what I say about not drawing on the walls.


This is the first year John really started "getting" all the different seasons and the changes. 

He gave me this awesome little speech the other day: "I'm so sorry momma, but we have to take down these decorations. There no more parties. No more Christmas. Even no more Christmas EVE."

I've convinced him to hold off until Sunday, but he's really not sure about this plan.


Tomorrow is our young adult's group Epiphany White Elephant Exchange!

It's a great way to regift things that are nice and sweet, but maybe not the best choice for you.
Case in point: last year one of  Matt's co-workers made these really cute DIY coasters out of heavy duty tiles. 
Awesome gift! Not awesome with tiny kids.

A 2 year old boy sees that and starts a "throwing challenge" in two seconds flat.
White elephant that gift and everyone is happy!


Finally, the young adults are hosting what I think is the most awesome Valentine's event ever.


So if you're a young adult in the SF Bay Area, come dance with us!

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