How We Homeschool Right Now - featuring Letter L!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

We're back to homeschool preschool time!

It's so nice to be back on a routine that forces us to really get something DONE during the day. Here is what the schooling system is looking like right now.

Monday: Library trip to get as many of the books on the book list as they have at my local branch. (I found requesting books meant that things got there at odd times, and it just wasn't working for the homeschool stuff.)

Tuesday: Make the letter of the week out of manipulatives that start with that letter. Read some of the books.
Matt has started doing our Little Lambs lesson with John on Tuesday evenings. Yea active Dads!

Wednesday: Do one or two of the activities. I aim for one that is "seat work" and a more active one. Read more of the books.

Thursday: One activity and aim to have read all of the books we got from the library at least once by now.

Friday: The catch up day! This holds true for catching up on any chores or errands that didn't get done this week. It's also the day we would do any Little Lambs activities Matt didn't get around to on Tuesday night, and review that lesson.

Here's how that went down with Letter L!

We found a decent number of the books this week! I'm averaging 4-5 from the actual book list plus some from the science section that I skim looking for the appropriate letter.

John's favorite this week was surprising.

Titled The Lion's Share: A Tale of Halving Cake and Eating It, Too, it's essentially a math storybook. Like most of it is about doubling and halving with a moral story about the importance of good manners.
John LOVED it. It might have to go on his birthday list.

Our other big hit this week was this letter matching game. I wrote all of the letters A-L, both upper and lower cases, on notecards and cut those up into little cards.

Come to find out, there are quite a few possible sorts and matching versions one can do with these cards. We sorted all the uppercase and lowercase letters into piles, We matched the letters, we put them in alphabetical order in all sorts of directions. We sang the alphabet song about a million times.

John ate it up. I give up on being able to predict the things he will love.

We did a leaf scavenger hunt and went to town with leaf crafts! Leaf rubbings, and sorting by size, shape, color, and softness. 
Therese made us some leaf confetti. It was so nice of her....

Letter L made out of leaves might have survived better had we used something besides craft glue and magnolia leaves. Whoops. That'll probably be a re-do later activity.

Those are the highlights! We're onto letter M this week!


  1. I think it's cool how you have a bit of structure for preschool, but it doesn't look too terribly structured, if you know what I mean. That seems like a really effective way to get stuff done and have order, but also be flexible! Routines are nice; I loved relaxing with relatives for the Christmas season, but it's also really good to be able to jump back into a "normal" routine :)

    1. Know how some people like to detox from heavy food, etc. after the holidays? I feel like I do that with time. After a big break like that I am ready to go about getting things moving and grooving again! I appreciated the break, but it wouldn't be a break if it didn't end.


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