Beginning of Lent Happenings and a Photo Challenge!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Another Friday, another link up with Kelly at This Ain't the Lyceum!


John had his first ever dental cleaning this week!
He was super pumped until he had to actually get in the dentist's chair - then he had a minor breakdown. Held a toothbrush, and everything was better!

Once they got going, he was way more amenable to all of the cleaning than I thought he would be. Even the suction, polishing, and spraying.

Also, he really liked the Sports Illustrated in the waiting room.
That's all Matt there.


John was a sick chicken on Ash Wednesday.
Thankfully (and knocking on all the wood) Therese seems to have dodged the bullet on this one.

I kept both kids home from Ash Wednesday mass. Especially because I really wasn't sure what kind of sick this was going to be. Matt and I switched off masses instead.

I did miss getting to have a kids with ashes picture to use with an #ashtag.


This kid is amazing me with the leaps and bounds of growing up she is doing.
For some reason, being able to put duplo together caused a bigger emotional reaction than starting to crawl for me.
Stop growing up so fast baby!


Super Bowl was a fun event!

Just part of the food enjoyed. 
John had been talking about "Super Ball" for weeks. Even telling his stuff animals, "Today is not Super Ball. We have to wait. Maybe Tuesday."

After all the weeks of talking about it, John spent most of the game playing with the little girl from next door.
Priorities. We got 'em.


As in last week's 7QT we did most of our Fat Tuesday celebrating on Saturday in combination with donut party.

I will only make King's Cake once a year. Those puppies are all of the work of a bread, a cake, and a pastry combined.
Instead we had a fajita feast, and drank up all the wine, and ate up all the leftover cupcakes and King's Cake. 
Those last two were really just me.
Can't go wasting wine and cake before Lent, can we?


So far giving up extra tech during naptimes has been interesting.
I've realized that I need to be able to use it a bit in order to access my dance workouts.
So I've narrowed it by not allowing any tech that is just ambling around or because I want background noise.

So far: I've done our taxes (filed and accepted!), lots of dance, planned more travel, read books, and prayed more.


I'm participating in a photo project! And you can too!

Abbey, at Surviving Our Blessings, made this fun Lenten photo challenge to see the sacred in the everyday.

Here are the first week's prompts.

You can participate on Instagram with #holylens or via facebook by posting with the hashtag on your page or on the project's community page.
Blessed Is She people can also use #projectblessed.

Hope your Lent is off to a prayerful start!


  1. It sounds like your Lent is going really well, which is great! I've also gotten more solid prayer time in, which I love. That photo challenge is really cool!

    1. Yea prayer time! Are you adding in any new prayers/types of praying this Lent?

    2. I'm not really adding in any new prayers (except for weekly Stations of the Cross), but I'm focusing on having a regular chunk of silent, unstructured prayer instead. I've found that a lot of my daily prayer revolves around more structured stuff (like the Liturgy and Rosary) which is awesome, but I lack that bit of complete silent mental prayer with God. So, that's what I'm working on :)

  2. "Super Ball"—too cute! I've never had a King Cake, but the one you made looks delicious!

    1. If you want to attempt your own, I swear by this Southern Living recipe!

  3. Hello there!
    I'm visiting from Madeline's and am so glad I stopped by.
    You have a lovely space here.
    I'll be visiting often!
    Have a cozy weekend. : )

    1. Thanks for visiting Billie! Hope to see you around again! :)

  4. I totally like the idea of a photo challenge... but the challenge for me would be "How do I take a picture of this without causing a complete meltdown from both my 1 y.o. and 3 y.o. who would then want to hold the camera/phone?" Thus, the reason why my phone doesn't have all that many photos on it...
    Well done on the dental cleaning! I know I really need to get my E in for her first too, but I'm absolutely dreading how that's going to go down. However seeing as your little guy did alright, maybe I shouldn't worry so much! Was a toothbrush really all it took? :)

    1. We read the Berenstain Bears Go to the Dentist about a 1,000 times beforehand. I think that helped know what the instruments might look like beforehand.
      I am long practiced in psyching John into doing stuff he might not like. Waiting for buses has been great training for this!


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