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Friday, February 5, 2016

Another Friday, another link up with Kelly at This Ain't the Lyceum.


I've sure you've heard by now about the CDC overstepping with half of the population.

I have enjoyed more people starting to understand the rather twisted relationship the general world has to pregnant (or potentially pregnant) women. 
If this can somehow result in a more realistic understanding of pregnancy, and women's fertility, that would be an excellent outcome.

So many people have written very well on the subject, I'm just going to link my top favorites.

Trust women, not the CDC by Simcha Fisher

WOMEN, KNOW YOUR LIMITS! by Jenny at Momma Needs Coffee


An Exorcist Speaks talk was great!

The book, and later movie, The Rite was based on Fr. Gary Thomas' experiences. I did not realize how local he was (he is a pastor and current exorcist for the Diocese of San Jose)

I am told the book is a much more accurate portrayal.


I am very behind on writing up our homeschool since most every naptime is being used for dance training at the moment.

We have been doing things though!

Letters M and N were spent reviewing math and numbers. Because I could make that work.

We're currently on letter P which has led us to some fun topics like Passover, St. Patrick, and Pandora's Box. John's imaginary play just got a lot more material.


We're in the final week until Lent!

Our young adult group is hosting Mardi Gras tomorrow due to the crazy constellation of events/holidays this week!

(Superbowl, Chinese New Year, Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday all in a row! Followed by Valentines this weekend.)

I'm making the King's Cakes today.


I use a little, formerly glow-in-the-dark, baby Jesus in my King's Cakes.

A friend brought him back from Rome for me.

He stopped glowing in the dark somewhere around getting stuck into King's Cake #3.
We don't think too hard about what happened to his glowing abilities.


Erin (of Erin and Alex) is Pennsylvania Dutch, so they celebrate Fat Tuesday by making lots and lots of donuts! 


Those ones in the middle forward? 
They're Maple Bacon Donuts. 
Oh yeah. It's awesome.


Matt and I are speaking on a panel at the Newman Center tonight called A Conversation on Dating and Marriage.

That means answering questions about personal stuff.

My poor introvert husband. He clearly loves me.

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