Solo Style - My Sunday Best

Sunday, March 26, 2017

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We're midway through my husband's long business trip, which meant today was a solo parenting mass day with the 4.5 year old and 2.5 year old.

Today is Laetare Sunday, so I sent the kids off in search of something pink to wear that would fit our mass clothing requirements.

Guess who got a chocolate donut today....
John normally wears his black loafers as his "church shoes" - AKA. shoes least likely to be covered in mud. Khaki pants, and a shirt that has some sort of collar.

Therese has a few dresses that are officially "church dresses". Since her favorite color is pink, she had no problem finding some pink options in the closet.

She was tickled pink that all the Fathers were wearing her favorite color. She may have thought it was just for her, and I may have let her carry on with that notion.

Dress: Kohl's?
Scarf: Charity Wrap
Shoes and Bag: Target
Not pictured - Ivory Chapel Cap from Veils by Lily

I own exactly one pink clothing item, so I'm pretty proud of myself for remembering to wear it!

Mass was definitely on the aerobic side for me, but we made it through with enough good behavior to join in coffee and donuts downstairs.

We're officially in second trimester with this baby, but I still don't feel like I look any different. Eventually we'll earn a bump age in these pictures once there's a bump to speak of. 14 weeks as of yesterday!

My husband is in Minnesota for job training, but has gotten to take the time to find us a family car (first car ever for us!), blinds and some furniture for the new house. Today he tried out Sunday mass at our new parish. He reports lots of young families in the pews - an encouraging sign!

How was mass for you today? Did you remember to wear pink?


  1. No pink for us, alas... But neither did our priest! So that's my excuse ;) (He did show us the pink vestments though just to prove that they exist, but that they were too small for him. :) )

  2. I adore that scarf - it looks so beautiful and comfortable!! And, I'm digging the other shades of pink between your two kiddos - for once, I couldn't find anything rose/pink colored for my son! And, I was happy to read your kiddos, while still requiring some acrobatics, were still well-behaved enough to earn doughnuts after Mass. Treats after Mass are *so* crucial in gaining compliance with my four year old!

    Yay for being in the second trimester! You look absolutely radiant!!

  3. I don't really own much pink (aside from a pink giraffe skirt that I did not deem nice enough for Sunday Mass, and a pink maternity shirt that I don't wear currently since I'm not pregnant), but I do have a scarf that is pink and purple, so I use that for Lent and Advent to make my Sunday outfits liturgically appropriate :) I'm so glad that your new parish has young families!!! That is awesome.

  4. Yay, families! Always a good sign 😊😊😊 Hope your solo time has been going well! You all look adorable 😊


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