House Finding, Snowshoes, and Lent

Friday, March 3, 2017

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It's been pretty blogging lite around here with all the new developments. Here's what's been happening!


News #1: We found a place to live!

Yes, this is February in Minnesota while we were there. It's a weird weird weather year,
It's beautiful and awesome. Matt will have a 5 minute commute to work, and he could even bike like he does now. We're in walking distance of multiple parks.

But I'm most excited about...GAS STOVE! And my very own (at least for my very own use) washer and dryer! If it breaks it's just my problem and it won't be made harder by other people's bad choices. #ApartmentLife


The house finding trip was a solo trip since the company includes a weekend nanny as part of our relocation package, so we treated it like our babymoon for this little one too!

Ended up crashing the Hedwig party also happening in the same arts center. Always an adventure here.

Matt is a master of planning for travel and we had a marvelous time trying out restaurant, touring neighborhoods, and catching a show in St. Paul.


Speaking of this little one, we got a midwife figured out while we were in town. Knowing we have a plan for the birth rolling, and a place to live means my stress level is much better on that front.
First home birth without neighbors who share walls with us! What luxury!


There is still a bunch of planning to do before the move. I'm working on my 40 bags in 40 days plan to get rid of the junk and clutter before moving.
I fell behind on Ash Wednesday, so I played catch up a bit with the rest of the week.


Matt's men's group decided to do a trip to the mountains together so we spent last weekend on Lake Tahoe! It was Therese's first time seeing snow. Her reaction: "I yike 'now. Wanna play in the 'now."

Actual first-time-touching-real-snow picture.


She was not as much of a fan of snowshoes. I grant her it is hard enough to walk in a snowsuit when you're only two.

John did fabulously. I knew he had good stamina for walking, but little dude walked four miles in the snow! Towards the end he was saying, "my legs are getting a *little* tired."
I think they're going to be fine in Minnesota winter.


Lent is off and running!

We did Fat Tuesday with my homemade Kings Cake and Shrimp Etoufee. I learned school masses are the long mass option on Ash Wednesday, but we made it through and the kids got their ashes.

Therese proceeded to ask everyone on the street if they were going to get their "assshhhies". Evangelization starts young I guess.

How's your Lent going? 


  1. It is *fabulous* in lowering stress levels when you find a place to live. Even better is your husband's commute!! That. is. awesome!!

    Great list - we understand light blogging when doing all you have been doing. Moving day will be here before you all know it!

    1. I know, I'm excited! We just got all of our flights, hotel, and moving dates booked yesterday. It gets real when you buy those one way tickets!

  2. Wow! Congrats on the house-that looks and sounds amazing! I think it's so cool that John went 4 miles in snowshoes-there are many kids and adults who may be hesitant to do that, perhaps myself being one of them ;)


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