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Friday, June 2, 2017

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A little while ago my friend Anni from A Beautiful, Camouflaged, Mess of a Life started The Gratitude Project that challenges us to post about the small blessings in our lives. I tried to think beyond the obvious and came to a funny discovery. One of the things I am grateful for are the questions I get asked by my kids every day.

As any parent of little kids will tell you, once kids learn to talk the stream of questions is not far behind. The perpetual questions can be annoying, and I am not claiming to always answer them with sweetness, but there is a beauty to the repetition. Here are the top seven questions my kids ask me everyday.



It's in caps because it's nearly always yelled as though I was far far away on top of a mountain. 
John asks this question every morning. He asks so he can pick clothing that is appropriate for the weather, and I love his persistence in accepting that each day might be very different from yesterday.

"How many weeks until snow?"

John has asked this question every morning since we moved to Minnesota. Part of me wants to write this down just to remind him once we're well into February that there was a time when he wanted this. The less pessimistic side knows that he could very well love the snow every day as though it was the first day. It's one of his gifts.


The universal kid question, "why?"
Both John and Therese ask why at least a dozen times a day. It can be hard as a parent not to get exasperated with the question sometimes, but I'm so grateful they ask why. Kids do not take the world for granted, and they have caught on that things do not just happen. There is a reason and method underlying the world. It's a everyday reminder to me that I, and other adults, could do with remembering to ask why more often. 

"You wanna snuggle me?"

Hands down this is Therese's most frequent question. 
When she gives a hug, she melts into the person like her whole body has suddenly become more liquid than solid. She can use physical touch as a way to show deep trust and love. I am grateful that she is able to trust so reliably. Her requests for snuggles are a reminder to me to slow down and enjoy the presence of their sweet littleness for a bit.

"How does that work?"

John has an insatiable need to understand how things work in minute detail. Tell him about how you accomplish a task and he will give you full attention. He wants to know the ingredients in the dishes served at dinner, if you used pegs or screws to put together a table, and how the construction workers know what machine to use when.
That appreciation of detail, and the work and skill of others, is something I want to foster in myself. I wish it came as instinctively to adults as it does to little kids. 

"Can I do jobs?"

I noticed the other day that my kids rarely ask to help, they ask to "do jobs". I asked them about the difference and they said jobs were "kids working on their own." They are asking to independently contribute to the work that needs to be done everyday. They don't want busy work, they want to do meaningful work.

The question is a challenge for me to allow them to explore their own capabilities and practice working together to accomplish what needs doing that day. I am grateful for the chance to try again every day.

"What time is it?"

Therese is obsessed with time and numbers right now. She asks "what time is it?" a few dozen times a day. 
She does not ask the question the way an adult would - trying to see how long they have until they can move on to the next thing. Therese just wants to know what time it is for the sake of knowing. How often as adults do we take a moment to learn something just for the sake of learning?

What little things are you grateful for? What are the most frequent questions from your kids?


  1. What a fun post to read! I'm getting a lot of "Is it summer yet?" questions here, lol!

    1. It certainly feels like summer at this point! How much longer to y'all have to go for school?

  2. These are *great*!!! Thank you so, so, so much for sharing this! I, too, have had to remind myself there is beauty in the endless questions! This project is all about finding the silver lining, and I love how you did that with these questions.

    Thank you for participating! I hope you will do more as time progresses and the mood strikes!

    1. Absolutely! Thank you for starting and leading the project!

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  4. What a sweet post! I especially like your reflections on the great "Why" -- I've been getting more than a little impatient with that one lately!

  5. I love when my son says, "What can I do for you?" I love when my daughter asks "Is it today yet?" And I absolutely love when I'm having a bad day and one of my kids asks if I want a kiss or a hug to make me feel better!

  6. So cute! Especially the one excited for snow now that summer is starting haha :)

  7. Always with they "why" ha ha. That's so cute that they want to do jobs! Isn't it just the best when they love to pitch in? ;)


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