Travel Ambitions with Kids

Monday, June 26, 2017

This week begins our massive summer travels! Five states, two weddings, two kids, and a very pregnant belly - it's going to an adventure! 
Here's where we're going. It's a mix of flying and driving, hotels, friends homes, and rentals. 
Tips welcome! Follow along during the trip using #UTRtravels


It's our annual trip to North Texas for family reunion on the lake with lots of aunts and grandparent time! This will be our first year with both kids out of diapers and physically able to do most activities. It will be a blast!


We have a wedding in Denver but we are also going to be exploring Rocky Mountain National Park and staying part of the time in a mountain cabin.


We are driving from the Denver area to Idaho Falls, ID. Any tips for that 10 hour drive are more than welcome!
We get to see our very good friends and start adventures next door in Wyoming.


It's Yellowstone time! John wants to see Bison badly. He told me, rather mornfully the other day, "I WISH I could play on the prairie." His Little House loving heart will be happy.

We're going to try and explore Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole too.


Another wedding! And this one we're all in! John is ringbearer and Therese is flower girl. They are both taking their duties *very* seriously. 
John acts like he's going to be entrusted with the crown jewels. 
Therese just likes her pretty dress. 
This describes their personalities quite well.

We will have almost two days to explore around Atlanta. I have my eye on the Atlanta History Museum, but any other fun ideas (including must do food places for my foodie husband) are wonderful!


And now a belated My Sunday Best with A Blog for My Mom!

Dress: JC Penny's
Cardigan: Target
Necklace: Family heirloom
Bump: 27 weeks
It would appear that we attended mass at the Basilica from this picture. But no! We went to a picnic for young families held at the Basilica before making our way over to St. Thomas More in St. Paul for the Mass of Thanksgiving for a friend who is a newly ordained priest!

It is also a beautiful church.

We passed Maronite and Ukrainian Catholic churches on the drive down. So many cool places to explore in the Twin Cities!


  1. What awesome travels you have planned!! I'm excited to follow along 😊

  2. It's been a year since our Make-A-Wish trip to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. The kids still talk about going back!

    Safe travels!!!

    1. Ohh so many good ideas! Y'alls trip looks amazing!

  3. You've got quite a summer ahead! Blessings on all your travels. Will look forward to seeing some pictures 😊

    1. Thanks Sara! I'm billing it as a wild adventure to the kids, and we'll find fun no matter what happens.


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