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Friday, August 4, 2017

Linking up with This Ain't the Lyceum for 7 Quick Takes!

It's been a while since we had a life update on the blog. Here's what's been going on!


We're at 33 weeks tomorrow! 
This pregnancy has gone very quickly. I suppose that's what happens when there is a move halfway across the country and massive summer travels.


This week I have been finishing up gathering the materials for our birth kit and making up my own postpartum and labor support kits.
I like kits. They're helpful.

I'll have posts about what I put in those kits soon!


One thing I'm doing differently with birth is setting up a "reward meal" for after the baby is born. I have zero ideas about what the food should be, but I know I would like to try a good local stout. Moving to a new place that does really good beer while unable to partake has been sad.
The reward meal is even on the birth supply list from my midwife so I'm deciding this is legit.


We start school next week!
With the baby expected in September, I figured it would be better to get the school ball rolling so we don't get too far behind in the new baby flurry.

John is starting Kindergarten (real school!) this year with Mother of Divine Grace, and Therese will be starting her first Preschool year using 26 Letters to Heaven.
More on this year's homeschool plan next week!


If this works it may be one of my more brilliant ideas - preschooler busy kits!

I found these large clear boxes they sell to store scrapbook paper on Amazon and made each one a different theme. We only do school four days a week so there are four boxes. Each one has a different theme. When I am working one on one with John, Therese can choose one of the boxes each day. They're big enough that I'm hoping the box itself will help contain some of the messy (looking at you pony beads and play dough.)

My other brilliant idea, supply boxes for school time only (because I have LEARNED). The kids picked their colors for the year: John is orange and Therese is pink (no surprise there). The individual blue separators come out of the kits so I put their color sticker on the bottom of each piece too.


John did a wetland nature camp most of this last week of summer break. The nature center is less than a mile away from us, which is SO NICE!

About an hour in to John being gone at camp Therese gets forlorn and starts asking when we can pick up John about every 20 minutes.
Then he runs out and they reunite like this and my momma heart melts!

Also, this kid got glasses this week! It's cool because he thinks it makes him look more like Daddy. Whatever works buddy.


In Ballet world update, I think we have picked a ballet school for John and studio for me! This will be his first year old enough to be in the boys program and he's very excited.

I'm using our local Y more to get cardio in on the elliptical and use their barre space. I'm still doing a lot of Pilates and stretching at home, but I'm at the point in pregnancy where I have to be careful how I move so I don't set off the evil chain of cramping. I've found using the elliptical as a warm up is very helpful in that respect!

Our local Y has a fabulous kid space and it's amazingly easier to hold counts in my head without the 2 year old in my face going "WHAT YOU DOING MOMMY?!"


  1. You look beautiful! Glad to hear the pregnancy has gone by quickly and uneventfully. :)

    I'm going to have to steal your busy box ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your busy box idea!!!! I think it's neat that you're doing a "reward meal." The hospital I gave birth at last summer did something like that; in addition to ordering whatever you wanted off the menu, they presented each new mom with a voucher for her and her husband to redeem during the stay for an extra-fancy meal. It was so neat and festive! I look forward to more of your homebirth posts, I love hearing about this stuff.

    1. Ohh that's cool! What did y'all get with your voucher?

    2. If I remember correctly, it was something like grilled shrimp with rice and broccoli. The other option was steak, I believe. It was pretty good!

  3. Reward meal for sure! From my experience, having 1 on hand is good for if you give birth at 2am and everything is closed, but saving money for take out may be better. I thought for sure that I would want a specific dish, and I told my husband well in advance to be ready with it, and then I got it and well... It didn't live up to my expectations. I should have just gone with what I was feeling at the time (which I think was pizza... Can't remember anymore! Ha!) In any case, love your boxes idea too. Will you share some of the things you're putting in Theresa's boxes?

    1. I'm the worst at having specific cravings (I tend to crave things in condiment categories like "something with wasabi") so I'm thinking of just having the fixings for things like BLTs on hand. I'm having a lot of fun researching local beers to pick the first one to enjoy!

      Yes I'll include more specifics about the boxes next week! I designed them to focus on fine motor and hand strength.


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