Spiritual Preparation for Labor and Childbirth

Monday, August 28, 2017

Somewhere in the last six weeks of pregnancy I hit a wall.

 An "I'm-so-done-with-feeling-huge-and-I-just-want-someone-else-to-hold-the-baby-for-a-minute" wall.

When that wall comes up, I need to shift my focus from my physical discomforts and pay attention to my spiritual preparation for labor and birth. These are just some of the things I have tried in the past, I would love to hear about other practices you use to spiritually prepare for labor!

Mother Blessing

It is very popular to have parties/gatherings to celebrate a new baby, even outside of the traditional baby shower. Past my first kid there really was not much I needed in terms of baby supplies. But I did need prayers and emotional support!

We had a mother blessing with our second child. The Book of Blessings has various forms of this depending on if it is led by a priest, deacon, or lay person - for a group, single couple, or just one mother. One of my good friends led the blessing, we made prayer cards for the baby, pregnancy, and birth, and lit prayer intention candles for each card. (I planned to use the candles during the birth, as a sort of relighting of the prayer, but labor had other ideas.)

I am hoping to make the group mother blessing our parish's Pro-life Committee sponsors, but that might depend on when baby decides to be born!

Prayer Cards from near and far

I found the prayer cards to be a wonderful way to connect with female friends and family who live far away! We decorated our cards at the blessing, and my mom, sisters, and far away friends mailed me their cards. I hung them up where I was likely to spend a good amount of my labor, and I kept them up through baby's first year.

She still has a stack of beautiful prayers in her baby box she will be able to look back on when she's older. I love the idea of a physical reminder for that baby to be able to see how many people were welcoming her, even if they lived far way.

Offering up Labor 

I have had very predictable twelve hour labors so far. That leaves a lot of time for prayer!
Bringing prayer intentions into labor helps me keep my mind off the pain. It is my greatest chunk of time to use as non-stop prayer, and, let's me honest, there's a lot of "offer it up" material!

In my last weeks of pregnancy I collect prayer intentions into one condensed list. I'm hoping to make this baby's list a little nicer looking than my previous loose-leaf binder paper lists.
(Bullet journal people - y'all seem good at making lists pretty. Ideas?)

36 Weeks! #MySundayBest with A Blog For My Mom
If you have a prayer intention for me, leave a comment or send me a message or email! (underthyroof at gmail dot com) I'm due September 23rd, but baby could come anytime starting Saturday so send them as soon as you can so I don't run out of time!

Do you do any spiritual preparation for labor and birth?


  1. Great ideas! During my first labor (64 hours! ended in a c-section) I had the Rosary playing on repeat on my ipod. My second and third were planned c-sections (though I did go into labor before the third one a week earlier than the scheduled c-section), so I didn't really do anything spiritually to prepare for them besides, "Please, God, don't let me die" lol.

    1. There's a point where any attempt at saying the rosary is not happening so I just start doing Hail Mary's over and over again.

  2. These ideas are a Godsend! Is this Book of Blessings you speak of available on a platform online? or is there a way you could share with me the "Mother Blessing"?

    1. Absolutely! Here is the one specifically for mothers before or after childbirth. https://www.catholicculture.org/culture/liturgicalyear/prayers/view.cfm?id=710

      There is also one for children in the womb: http://www.usccb.org/about/pro-life-activities/prayers/upload/Rite-for-the-Blessing-of-a-Child-in-the-Womb.pdf

      As well as one for when both parents are present: http://www.usccb.org/prayer-and-worship/sacraments-and-sacramentals/sacramentals-blessings/persons/blessing-parents-before-childbirth.cfm

      I hope that helps!

  3. I did not do any of this at the end of my pregnancies, but oh how I wish I had!! I hit a wall during my 7th month and I'm done!! lol I'm praying that you have a quick, easy labor and delivery.

    1. Doesn't it seem to be a rule that the wall comes up when it is no where near possible time for birth?!

      Hopefully not too quick of a labor. I'd be ok going down to 8 or 10 hours of labor, but I don't think I want to be too much faster! I like my slow and steady labor groove. Prayers are much appreciated!

  4. If you could pray for our upcoming move and our oldest daughter's health, that would be wonderful. Thank you! Looking forward to hearing the details of the newest Hoberg soon!

  5. These are such awesome ideas! If you could offer your labor up for clarity regarding God's will, and for a private intention, I would be so very appreciative.

    I want to file away the prayer cards idea for our next - if we are blessed with a third

  6. And, I forgot to mention - you look radiant in your Sunday Best!! 🤗

  7. I can't believe the baby is getting so close!!! So exciting :) I love your list - offering up my suffering during labor has definitely been a huge help for me.


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