Michaelmas! + WIWS

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Yesterday was my first ever Michaelmas party! The actual day of Michaelmas falls on Tuesday, September 29th so there is still time to celebrate!

This was an event with our parish young adult group. One of our new members graciously offered to host. This offer was very much appreciated because she has a YARD. An honest to goodness yard! In this area, those are rare features that are not often in the hands of someone under 40.

The yard was important for the star of the show: our devil pinata!

It was handmade by one of our core team members. It is way better than anything I could have hoped to make! He has a future in custom pinata making.

I'm pretty sure this conversation looks more serious than it actually was.
The food was really yummy! We had smoked turkey sandwiches, glazed carrots, and lots of little nibbles. We had two blackberry cobblers and lots of pinata candy for dessert!
Deviled eggs - along the lines of the devil theme.

Black berry punch! This was delicious added to the blackberry wine spritzers.

I can never convey in photographs how mouth-watering it is to watch a dessert that is still bubbling from the oven!
There were also little pound cakes but they didn't make it through dinner.

We waited until the kids got antsy before doing the pinata. John LOVED it. Therese cried every time someone hit it. Can't win them all.

Hitting the pinata was just too funny for John.

It took a lot of effort to hit the stationary object,

One of the better pinata hitting action shots.

And we succeed in defeating the devil!
Overall, it's a lot of fun and I would really recommend it. If you have never heard of Michaelmas, Haley, at Carrots for Michaelmas, has a good explanation and more ideas for celebrating!

And here is What I Wore Sunday with Fine Linen and Purple!

Dress: JCPenney
Belt: came with the dress
Shoes: Macys
Necklace: Christmas gift from my husband 


  1. Looks like a fun and meaningful celebration! Happy Michaelmas!

  2. Wow, that Michaelmas party looks awesome!!! Throwing a party is a great idea, I'll keep that in the back of my mind for the future! I'm very much in the process of getting my life together after the papal visit (I didn't go to Philly, but between live streams and reading the talks he gave and whatnot, I pretty much didn't get anything done last week!) I'll probably just make bannocks or something (a Scottish tradition). I love the idea of a devil pinata. The food all looks fantastic, particularly the blackberry punch!

    1. Why have I never heard of bannocks?! They look delicious!

    2. I haven't heard much about them ever, except in the Little House-Martha Years series, where Martha, who was Scottish, would eat them. I always thought they sounded pretty delicious, and then when looking up Michaelmas stuff the other day, I noticed that some Scottish people eat bannocks to celebrate! I'm pretty excited to try out the recipe later :)


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