Why I Throw Parties When my Husband is Traveling + WIWS

Sunday, September 20, 2015

My husband Matt left this morning for a work trip. It'll be about four days and nights without Matt. Typically, the advice to get through many solo parenting shifts in a row seems to be along of the lines of: "hunker down, eat frozen stuff, you will survive!".

I'm ... throwing parties.

Well they're not pinterest-worthy, amazing parties. I invite people to my house, make something yummy, and the kids and I get to spend some quality time not driving each other crazy.

Today we're having a football party to watch the first Cowboys/Eagles game of the season (Matt's from Philly, I'm from Dallas. It's a thing.) I'm making Crockpot Buffalo Wings and a Spicy Italian Crescent Ring.

On Tuesday we'll have a movie night. It very well might be Steel Magnolias. Watch it to understand the Southern women in your life.
Friends are getting pizza, and I'm making a big salad plus mint juleps and iced tea (what else would one make?)

I have really tried to do the "spend slow hours at home together" thing, but I always end up feeling like I could climb the walls. I need other adults around, at least once every 24 hours, who are going to say something besides: "They're so cute! How old?", and "Would you like a bag?"

I've learned I'm also like this post-partum too: I didn't even make it two weeks before I showed up at the parish wine and cheese social with the baby in a moby wrap. I know a lot of other women do really well with the babymoon concept, holing up in bed with the baby all day, but I tried it and I just wither. It's just not what puts me in a good mental place.

So if you are a little like me, and prefer having at least one  conversation a day that doesn't involve insisting the other person quit trying to speak to you in monkey - let's get together! I don't care if it has to be via email, but I think us extroverted introverts need to stick together sometimes.

And here's What I Wore Sunday!

But it's really What I Wore Saturday.
Because we went to the vigil mass.
Because of the husband leaving town thing.
And the I-can-handle-one-kid-with-me-in-the-choir-but-not-two thing.

Dress: JCPenney
Belt: JCPenney
Sandals: Target
And this is Who I Wore Sunday!

Baby: Therese - 12 months
Carrier: ErgoBaby Original in Grey


  1. Very cute. I am totally the same way. In fact, I need to invite some role over.

  2. Super cute dress!!!!! So your post totally gives me hope that I'm "normal" for if and when my husband and I have kids-because while I love babies, I'm totally not the kind of person (at least now) who's like, "Let me sit and stare at my baby for 5 hours!" I know people who are like that, and it's great, but that's sooo not me. And after going to a college for 4 years where most women I knew were like that, I was beginning to think that I'm a rare species of woman...so your post totally is making me feel better about myself :)

  3. Yes! I hosted my book club last week when my husband was out of town and it made the evening fly so much more swiftly! And, anyway, a party is the only context in which to watch Steel Magnolias ... I shed too many tears to watch it by myself!

  4. This post made me smile. I think its awesome that you found a way to give yourself socialization while the Mr. is out of town. I find that I am the complete opposite, I love social interactions, but I thrive when I'm alone. Oh, and your movie choice: Steel Magnolias is awesome! I love that movie!