Preschool Homeschool: Letters G and H

Monday, September 28, 2015

This is an ongoing series on our homeschool preschool adventures. You can read more about what curriculum we're doing and why here:

Also catch the previous installments:

These weeks were a lot calmer than our usual on the homeschool front. Matt went on a business trip most of H week, and we were still getting unpacked and back into a rhythm from our Yosemite trip during G week.

We did manage to do some fun stuff! Here are my top picks.

G Week

We made gummies! These were Elderberry gummies. I like the concept of making homemade gummies, but next time I would use something that was not so tart. Even with two cups of honey these were still too tart even for my taste (much less the three year old.)

I just poured them into a glass dish and cut into squares. You can buy cute molds online and make all kinds of things!
Our favorite book from G week was Where is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox.

We actually found our copy in one of the many Little Free Libraries that are everywhere in this area. John knows this one by heart, and he was excited that it was one of his "school books" this week.

This is John reading to Therese back when she was six months old.
"This is the red sheep and the blue sheep. They lookin' for the green sheep. I save that one for you Therese."

H Week

One of the difficulties with H week was finding an H manipulative to make our letter picture. I finally just did highlighter.
John decided that one must complete the box on the capital H.
John made a Sacred Heart of Jesus! It is meant to look like it is on fire, but I only had orange tissue paper and decided that was close enough.

Fire happens within the heart for John.
Favorite book from H week was Honey, Honey, Lion! by Jan Brett.

I have not seen too many Jan Brett books before this homeschool preschool adventure, but I'm a fan of the little pictures in the margins that remind you of what just happened and foreshadow the next scene. John liked trying to guess what was going to happen next.

And finally, Holding!

This little one is seems allergic to using her legs when holding on to a person, but she is becoming a champion furniture holder.

Learning to stand is totally school when you're one, right?

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