Preschool, Passiontide, and (Bi)Pedalism

Friday, March 11, 2016

Another Friday 7 Quick Takes with Kelly at This Ain't the Lyceum.

Long time no blog! I have good reason, promise. Here's some of what we've been up to in the meantime.


We are on letter T week in John's 26 Letters to Heaven preschool book!
Which means we are going to be finishing this book reeeallllyyy soon. (Some of the last few letters are combined in the curriculum.)


So we're picking step two in this homeschool journey!

I think it'll be a good middle step to starting the concept of workbooks, and good practice for me in using lesson plans made by someone else.

Knowing me, I'm probably still going to add, remove, and generally adapt the lessons anyway, but I think that is a good skill for homeschool life.


It has been rainy rainy rainy here!

Not being able to hang out at the park in the morning is sad times.

So I finally broke down and took the kids to Habitot, our local children's museum.

It's pretty amazing. They have rotating pretend play exhibits (rocket, pictured, is the current one), a wind section, water play, pretend grocery store, train tables, reading tent, and (my personal favorite) art room!

Therese is in a development explosion so she did EVERYTHING.
Since when is my baby big enough to make tissue paper, paint, and glitter collages?!


You know what else my baby is, apparently, big enough for?


Yes, my little slow poke of a walker finally took her first independent steps yesterday!

She's still pretty hesitant, and would rather have one hand on someone or something, but she's not really using it for physical support. It's all about confidence building now.

I'm so proud of her!


Yesterday was also her first time walking around outside (holding onto my hand) and she discovered there are lots of cool things down there.

It didn't dawn on me that she had no idea what it was like down on the sidewalk (she's nearly always in the Ergo or stroller.) She was oohing and awwing over every berry, stick, and flower.

Sorry I accidentally held out on you baby.


We have been looking ahead toward Easter and Holy Week!

The kids and I have been trying out praying the rosary together more often, and it's pretty hilarious.

I've learned some little tricks and have added rules. 
For one, rosary time always happens sitting on the living room floor. For some reason the kids take it a lot more seriously when I'm sitting on the floor.

You hold your rosary, and only your rosary, the whole time.
 No rosaries in your mouth, over your head, or on your feet.
No lassoing anyone, or anything, with your rosary. 
(Ask me how I know....)


Finally, the Sunday is Passion Sunday which means it's the beginning of Passiontide!!

Last year and friend and I sewed little purple coverings for all of our crosses and crucifixes. I learned that I own a lot of such things.

We're also celebrating all of the St. Patrick time this weekend!

Here's John busting a move at the parish party last year.


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  1. That's exciting that Therese is walking now! Very cool. Also, I for one am having a hard time believing that Easter is almost here! And I need to hunt down my purple cloths-thanks for the reminder! I hope that you all have fun celebrating St. Patrick!! :)


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