The Lenten Review!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

It's the first week of the Easter Season! This is when I mentally sit down with myself and take a good honest look at how Lent went this year. I decide what did, and didn't work, in my original plan and see how to incorporate those lessons now. 

1. Take On: The Love Dare

Well this baby was a big giant flop.

Too many of the dares just did not speak to our love languages, and I found it more stressful than helpful.

Instead I started making a more intentional devotion for our marriage with my normal Liturgy of the Hours, and I offered a full rosary (all four decades of mysteries) in front of the Holy Eucharist at the Altar of Repose on Holy Thursday.

2. Give Up: Extraneous Tech during Naptime

Even though I had done this one last year, I found it harder, and more complicated, this year.

For one, last year I had a small baby who would mostly take naps on me. If I was lucky I could sneak her onto the couch once she was REALLY asleep and do a little sewing.

This year I have a toddler, and a preschooler, who take pretty reliable naps off me plus more outside-the-house type projects that need computer doing while I don't have toddler typing additions.

It was harder than I thought to define work vs play. Some things were easy (the first day I did our taxes, for example) but others were not so clear. Did watching ballet videos for choreography count as work or play? I did need to do it for getting the ballet done, but I would probably have chosen to watch dance videos anyway.

So I'm calling this one a partial success. It did make me more aware of how I was spending my time (no more getting to the end of nap time and wondering what just happened), but I'm not sure I made the right call every time.

3. Pray On

This year I was doing a lot of discernment praying: what should I be focusing my energy on doing? Where is God calling me to grow?

It has been a scary process, as discernment often can be, but I think I got some clarity out of it.

For one, I'm auditioning again! I have an audition Monday night for a Shakespeare piece.
I was remarking to my husband that this is the one time my skills for acting, court dancing, archery, and walking in a giant dress are all relevant to my daily life.



  1. Which Shakespearean piece are you auditioning for? I hope that your audition goes well!

    1. Margaret of Anjou. It's an adaptation from Shakespeare's Henry VI cycle.

    2. Very cool! (I have to confess, though, I've never really touched the histories-I usually stick with the tragicomedies, comedies, and tragedies)

    3. A Midsummer Night's Dream and the scottish play are my uncontested favorites for both acting and watching.


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