Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary with Littles

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hope you enjoyed John's take on the Joyful Mysteries. Here's what it's like praying the Sorrowful mysteries with him!

Sorrowful Mysteries

1st Sorrowful Mystery: The Agony in the Garden

Me: This is when Jesus was in a garden late at night asking God, his father, to give him strength and maybe not have him die.
John: But Mom, we don't have a garden!
Me: Well Jesus found one.
John: ...Did he find the one at church? That's a good garden.

2nd Sorrowful Mystery: The Scourging at the Pillar

Me: This is when Jesus was tied up to a pillar and the soldiers hit him over and over again.
John: But those are knights!
Me: But why would knights hit Jesus?
John: Because they was....

3rd Sorrowful Mystery: The Crowning with Thorns

Me: This is when they pushed a crown of prickly hurting thorns onto Jesus's head and made him bleed.
John: I wanna take that thing and put all the band-aids on him. That'll make it better!

4th Sorrowful Mystery: The Carrying of the Cross

Me: This is when Jesus had to carry his big, heavy cross all the way up a very big hill. He was very hurt and tired, and it was a lot to carry.
John: He got splinters?
Me: I don't know, probably.
John: Jesus don't worry. Your momma will get 'em out and make you ALL better!

5th Sorrowful Mystery: The Crucifixion 

Me: This is when Jesus died, nailed up to the cross.
John: They put him in a cage?
Me: No, but they put his body in a cave after he died.
John: The soldiers do that?
Me: Yup.
John: Bet they're sad about that. Bet they sorry. They will go give Jesus big hug and say "I so sorry Jesus."
Me: He'd probably like that John.

So in general: John is really concerned about the roles of soldiers/knights (interchangeable terms for him at the moment) in the Passion. Valid.

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