5, 6, 7, 8....The Dress Rehearsal 7QT!

Friday, May 6, 2016

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I realize I start most weeks being like "this is a crazy week, but it's going to get better soon!" just to follow it up the next week with "this is a crazy week, but it's going to get better soon!"

But really, these weeks that are crazy, they are often the ones I'm most proud of doing.


My favorite flavor of crazy right now: dancing all the time! Punctuated with singing!
Because who wants to have just one art form?

Last night was our first dress rehearsal in the theater.

This is the light version of stage makeup....light.
Dancers typically have one of two reactions when they switch from studio rehearsals to theater rehearsals: either they get even more solid and focused or they get flustered and turned around.

Thankfully, both my partner and I seem to fall into the former category.


The studio rehearsals were enjoyable because they were our first time seeing the other pieces that will be included in the show.

My favorite is actually in the slot right before our dance.
It's only 60% my favorite because I really like the song they picked: Mystic Dream by Loreena McKennitt. 
(The dancing is good too. Promise.)


All of the late night rehearsals and classes have taken a toll. But no matter how tired and sore I am, I wake up to a 3 year old and a 20 month old being like this:

The banana in the hair is a fairly accurate representation of many a morning.


I will say I'm pretty proud of my lack of costume malfunctions during every rehearsal thus far.
This was my first time being almost solely in charge of designing and getting together a costume, so I very pleased they are working out.

Hopefully we can get a picture of us in costume before the performance!
We will have something like 4 hours to kill backstage on Sunday.


Real costume malfunctions that have happened to me during performance!

**Kicked my shoe off
**Kicked my shoe off and it hit someone
**Hair piece flew off (actually that has happened multiple times. It goes down as my most frequent costume misbehavior.)
**Skirt fell off (when this happens you just hop out of the way and keep going.)
**Tights started ripping (this is why you keep hairspray immediately off stage.)

and, potentially the worst one that wasn't, **my halter style dress came undone at the tie and my partner retied it as we danced so I didn't flash everyone.
She wins the award for best quick thinking to save your partner.


This weekend I'm singing for the First Communion mass and attending some little kid birthdays before it becomes my most intense Mother's Day ever.

This year I am grateful to have so much dancing to do.
No one assumes I'm a mother in ballet.
There are no hard questions about how many kids I have that I really don't know how to answer. 

I'm going to do my usual double mass attendance, singing the second one in the choir. 
Then, off to class!
Off to the theater!
Into dress rehearsal!

Going, going, going.

Because sometimes you need a day to not answer all the questions.
I'll get there, promise, but I don't think it's going to be this weekend. It's going to be on my own time. 
And that's ok.

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