Birthday Shenanigans

Friday, May 27, 2016

Time for another round of 7 Quick Takes with Kelly at This Ain't the Lyceum.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everybody!

This weekend begins the SUMMER OF BIRTHDAYS!

Also known as every summer.

But it's still fun!


This little guy turns 4 on Tuesday!

I finally wrote up his birth story yesterday. You can read it here if you're so inclined.


We're having his party on Monday. He has decided on a construction theme again!
Just like last year!
Which means DIY gets that much easier.

Showing the toy digger favors from last year.


My great plan last year was buy a roll of this stuff....

....and put it everywhere!

I made a coat hanger wreath by tying little strips of caution tape around it. Glad I held onto to that DIY!


Still not sure what to do about the cake though. Last year's turned out pretty awesome.

Grind up some chocolate graham crackers in a food processor and you've got yourself some excellent, edible, road material!


My mom is awesome and will send a whole box of party supplies every year, once she knows the theme. These construction cone party cups are going to be a hit with the kids, me thinks.


My sister, Mary, arrives for a visit tomorrow so she can join in on the birthday festivities!

She is graduating from high school this year, and is a very accomplished auntie. 
The kids are super duper excited!

I have four sisters, so I'm only about 30% sure they really understand which one is coming. 
But they're EXCITED!


Last weekend we had a beach bonfire for an early birthday celebration for me!
Having a birthday so soon after one of the kids means I'm normally a little burned out by the time my birthday rolls around.

Matt, champion packer of food stuffs he is, brought things for fire cooked hot dogs and corn-on-the-cob. S'mores and champagne apparently go together quite well.

The kids had a great time playing in the ultra-soft sand.
We even found some tide pools with some good mussels, barnacles, and sea anemones. John and I had JUST read the Magic School Bus about the ocean so John was all over naming the creatures.

It made me feel like such a put together homeschool mom...because I TOTALLY planned that....

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  1. Those cups are so fun for a construction birthday party! We've never really done themed parties, but my oldest decided last year that he needed a patriotic party, which was easy enough because his birthday is on July! This year he's planning a decathlon, which I think will actually be pretty darned fun - I'm kind of excited :)


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