We're Going to Ireland! - 2nd Honeymoon

Friday, May 13, 2016

Linking up with Kelly at This Ain't the Lyceum for 7 Quick Takes!

We're going to Ireland this summer!

We're having our 2nd Honeymoon, that is kind of the 1st honeymoon. 

For our 1st honeymoon we went part camping, part B&B stay up the coast in Marin county. It was beautiful and perfect for that point in our lives. But we both had classes and work to get back to, so it was short and a day trip from where we live now. This will be an opportunity to reconnect, explore a new place, and take our time with an adventure.

The kids are going to Camp Grandma in Texas. Grandma's house is like a kid wonderland with chickens, dogs, big house to ramble in, a trampoline, and TWO YARDS! These apartment dwelling kids are going to be so happy.
(They're looking forward to being with Grandma, Big Chief, and their four aunts too. Promise y'all!)

So here are 7 things I'm excited to try and check out in Ireland!
Caution: severe case of nerdy nerd time ahead.



*I'm going to be nice and not put a picture here.*

My poor friends have heard me talking in glowing tones about seeing the bog bodies for the better part of a year. I'm seriously so excited!

Think very well preserved mummies, but the soft tissue is still present.
You can actually re-hydrate them (very slowly) and examine stomach contents, organs, etc.

I appreciate that part of this is my freaky lack of squeamishness about old dead things/being an Anthropology major, so I'll leave you to read more about it here if you like.


Passage Tombs!

The Boyne Valley is home to a cluster of passage tombs, and you can actually go inside them!


Pub Crawl

Because I have done a bar crawl exactly once in my life, and it was for my birthday last year. Due to the having small children thing, we don't get to go out together in the evening much.

I'm a big fan of dark beer. Like if it says stout or dark or black in the title I'm probably going to like it. Irish beer and I should get along swimmingly.


Staying in a B&B

This is a thing called a "full Irish Breakfast". It involves:  meat (bacon, sausages and black and white puddings), eggs, vegetables and potato all fried in creamery butter, Irish soda bread, and coffee.
I admit this is not something unique to Ireland, but it is unique to the not-having-little-kids-with-us situation while in Ireland.

Most B&Bs in the US do not allow children under 12, so it's going to be a long time before they get to be part of our family travels. :(


Irish Independance Celebrations

Easter Proclamation of 1916
We inadvertently, but very happily, scheduled this trip during the 100 year anniversary of Irish Independence. Thus there will be a number of sights and events that are unique to this year.

So far they include a special exhibit at Kilmainham Gaol, and I'm keeping an eye out for more that we can attend.


Blasket Islands

The Blasket Islands fall in a part of western Ireland called a Gaeltacht. Think national preserve of Irish culture and language.

Up until 1953 it was the most westerly settlement in Ireland (when the government decided the islands were not safe for human habitation.) It has a lot of anthropologically interesting qualities, and it produced an impressive number of writers for such a small population (about 150 at it's height.)


Horseback Riding

Matt has planned some horseback riding opportunities while we're in the Dingle Peninsula. I learned to ride as a kid, but it's been well over a decade since I've been on a horse. This should be fun! :)


  1. This sounds like an amazing trip!!!!! The description of "bog bodies" immediately made me think of the Dead Marshes from Lord of the Rings. I don't know if it will actually be like that, but I think it's probably similar enough to say that you're going to Middle Earth for your trip. Irish B&Bs are the best! When I went to Dublin as a young teenager (dance competition + touristy stuff, it was pretty fun) we stayed at a B&B in Dublin, and the people were amazing, the food was so good, and the hospitality was great. We got lost walking to our B&B, and when we got there they brought us so much afternoon tea it was insane!

  2. Hope you have a lovely time! I look forward to seeing pictures when you return. :)

  3. I don't know how I missed this post... in any case, Congratulations! And what fun! Hope you have a lovely time with beautiful weather :)


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