7 Things I Love About Him - Happy Birthday Matt!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

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This weekend I'm off for a childhood friend's wedding back in Dallas. (Our mothers tell us we met while still in diapers.) 

That means I'm going to miss the husband's birthday on Saturday AND Father's Day on Sunday. All in one fell swoop. 

Yup, total wife sad times here.

I thought it would be fun to make a list of 7 things I love about Matt. 
Matt, THESE ARE IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER! Seriously. This is my sleep deprived brain in the process of acquiring caffeine writing this! So here we go....


He Eats Everything

This is my mom's favorite thing too.
He genuinely loves most everything someone cooks for him. When it's not great - and sometimes my experiments get too experimental - he still eats it and says nothing about it.

Gold star!


He's a Nerd

This is a good thing!
When we met, Matt was in the Philosophy PhD program at UC Berkeley after having just finished his undergrad at Princeton. He's a smart cookie.
If you can't tell from how I sometimes get a little too excited about things like bog bodies, I'm a bit nerdy me-self. There's a big difference between humoring my nerdy times and actually enjoying them with me. I'm happy that it's mostly the latter.


He's Catholic

We're both cradle Catholics. Having that common starting point is such a blessing. 
It is so so nice to be secure in knowing that we will go to mass together and be open to raising kids Catholic. He even does some of our faith formation program for the preschooler.

He thinks Aquinas is awesome too. That's REALLY when he passed the test.


He doesn't have to share my passion to appreciate it

When I came back to dancing ballet Matt volunteered to take care of the kids while I was in class, didn't mind my having to buy dance gear, and doesn't urge me to stop when I get tired and sore. 
He does not dance ballet, but he can appreciate the hard work it takes to get make into something.

He recently started running again (he ran cross-country in high school) and competed in his first half-marathon! Next month he will compete in the San Francisco Half-Marathon. So proud of you honey!

Post first half-marathon!


He picks up where I leave off

He loves to do all the things I really don't. 
Things like meal planning and baking sweet things. Complementarity at work!

Ok I made this one, but it was all his idea! Chocolate Stout Cake with a Bailey's Truffle Filling and Chocolate Whiskey Glaze. A-mazing.


He's Really Cute

Just a fact.
Check out that smile!

From that time at a wedding when Matt went up to the bar to get an alcoholic beverage and came back with ...more water. #butitsitalianspringwaterhesays


He's an amazing dad

He does the nighttime parenting, takes both kids to mass by himself when I have to sing, and has single-handedly taught the babies to offer high fives when someone scores in any sports game on TV.

And he'll wear them around in public. (Awwwwwwwww)

Hiking with baby on your chest = pro dad status
"Hands in the air!"

Because I don't know if this picture could get any more stereotypical Dad. :)

I wasn't kidding about the nighttime parenting awesomeness.

Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day Matt!


  1. What a wonderful tribute to your man! I love it!

  2. What a wonderful tribute to your man! I love it!

  3. These are all so sweet! I think my favorite part of this post, though, is the priest's facial expression in your wedding photo :D

    1. Mine was how I set the facebook post about this to go live when I was in the air flying to Texas. The entire existance of the post was a secret from him until then (he thought I was doing a 7QT about all the awesome stuff I find on the side of the road.)


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