Pants Make Me Sad + Pants-Free July!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

If you have seen me in person the past few years, you might have noticed I almost exclusively wear skirts and dresses.

When people work up the courage to ask me about it, impressions have tended to fall into these categories:

A) I must believe that dresses and skirts are the only thing I can wear because of my religion.

B) I have a husband who wants me to wear these things.

C) I am a "fashion mom".

None of these are true. Yes bolding that was needed. Seriously people, none of these are true.

So here are the real reasons you are likely to find me in a skirt:

Dresses are super comfy 

This is only true if you are wearing dresses in styles/fabrics/cuts you are comfortable wearing! 

I only wear skirts that hit just above my knee or lower (preferably lower). That length will generally stay down and allow me not to have to worry about accidental flashing incidents.

Dresses are flattering through the seasons of motherhood

Body shape and size changes a lot, and quickly, during childbearing. Maternity clothes are ludicrously expensive, and it just kills my little frugal heart to have multiple clothing items that are off limits for years at a time.

I can make dresses and skirts work through all the changes my body goes through, and manage not to look/feel frumpy. 

Dresses don't fall down

For reasons that continue to elude me, my pants always start to fall down by the end of the day. Pulling up your pants all the time is not a cute look.

Dresses are easy to restyle

This is honestly one of the top reasons. I am doing very different things in a given day: taking care of babies, getting to dance class or rehearsal, going to volunteer meetings, attending mass, meeting friends for coffee, and spending lots of time outside. I need clothes that can easily be adapted to all of these situations.

Dresses let me change quickly, layer easily, and adapt to the rapidly changing micro climates of the Bay Area without needing to haul around a lot of clothes.

Dresses are very economical

I can keep clothing costs at almost zero by creatively re-wearing items to be slightly more on tread.

When I do shop it's very fast. By the time I apply my length and size criteria, I'm normally left with 4-6 options. I pick my favorite one of those. Boom. Done.

I do own pants! 
I own three pairs! A pair of jeans, maternity dress pants, and maternity yoga pants.

I wear the jeans about twice a year and I complain the whole time. (Exaggerating a little bit but not much...)
The others are perfect for the 2nd & 3rd Trimester when I need to be business-y or go to the chiropractor.

I'm not totally anti-pants, but I think the idea that dresses and skirts can't be comfortable, utilitarian, or modest is just ridiculous.

So I have a dare for the ladies: wear dresses or skirts every day for the month of July! 

Rosie at A Blog for My Mom will be hosting the linkup for Pants-Free July, in combination with My Sunday Best.
I'll be taking daily photos of my pants-free outfits and posting via Instagram, and maybe Facebook every so often. I'll have a few posts here with my Clothing Rules (because I'm Type A), creative re-wear tips, and easy maternity styling (#thisisnotanannouncement).
Things might get delayed because of Ireland 2nd Honeymoon thing. I'll just post when I can, and you'll get to see any shenanigans I get into being a tourist in a dress.

I want to see your outfits too! If you have a blog, make sure you link up with Rosie! If you don't, you can add your pictures in the comments on the blog or Facebook.


  1. Oh man! What a fun challenge! I may not go pants free, but I'll try going pants lite ;)

  2. Skirts look funny on me, but I love dresses. LOVE. Alas, I have barely worn them on a non-Sunday since 2012 because I have basically been nursing the last 4 years straight. Dresses are NOT nursing friendly, even the ones that try to be. I tell myself that one day I will get my dresses back... maybe somewhere around 2030...

    How do you juggle that? Because I just cannot. I don't have the patience!

    1. Hi Mary!!

      I have noticed a lot of "nursing" clothing manages to add more layers of annoying than make things any easier. The easiest version for nursing (for me) has been nursing tank under a dress with a lower v-neckline.
      I've heard some people have success with just adding a scarf as a simple cover up. So far if I want anything resembling privacy it takes a structured nursing cover or a big infinity scarf.

      My other trick is using a long skirt as a dress and wear a sweater over it. Pull down skirt, lift up sweater, and boom - nursing friendly with minimal skin.


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