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Friday, June 24, 2016

Linking up with This Ain't the Lyceum for 7 Quick Takes!

We are well into our summer of traveling! Here's what's been happening, and on the docket, coming up for our little (temporarily) jet setting family.


Matt had a business trip to the Twin Cities last week. When he goes on these trips, with a blissful hotel room all to his lonesome, instead of capitalizing on non-baby interrupted sleep he gets up early and goes running!
And takes lots of pretty pictures while doing so.

This St. Mary's at dawn. DAWN.


We had a grand total of 11 hours between Matt coming home from Minneapolis and me leaving for Dallas!

Bit of a whirlwind.


My longest childhood friend got married in our home parish this past weekend.

Yup, we were a little spoiled with gorgeous architecture.


It also meant I got to spend Father's Day with my Dad, and a visit to my grandfather, for the first time in many years.

My parents and all my sisters came to the wedding too.

Almost age order y'all.
Got to drop off our our second to youngest sister at college orientation before I went to the airport! She's the first one going to school close enough to drive. So, naturally, she had a good set of groupies for this rite of passage.


Side note to say I basically inhaled this book on the flights.

I don't think I've read a novel that long (496 pages) that fast since the last Harry Potter book came out.
I've had a lot of strike outs with fiction recently, but this one was amazing!
Lucky Day library shelf for the win!


Now we are preparing to bring the kids to Texas and then off to Ireland on our 2nd honeymoon!

John has been telling us for weeks about how he's going to take care of Max and Bear (dogs), feed the chickens, go swimming, and "go fishin' with Big Chief in the fishin' hole".
I'm pretty sure the "fishin' hole" is just called a lake, but I'll let him keep that cute little term for a while longer.

Here some of his adventures last year.

Fishing for babies is a good use of a plastic practice lure.


I've learned a few tricks for traveling with kids, and traveling when you have to change sleeping location often. A good sound machine is golden! Yes it's a little clunky to pack, but it's so so worth it to fall asleep that much faster in a new place.

My other tricks include baggies for all little do-dads. Each kid gets a labeled baggie with their underware, socks, swimsuit, hat, etc. (aka. "things all kids WILL forget when packing")

I follow certain rules like ALWAYS bring a fleece/light jacket, swimsuit, and a dressy option. Because you never know.

What are your favorite traveling tips? Any fun adventures for you and your family this summer?


  1. What a whirlwind of travel! We went to Yellowstone earlier in June. So now we can just chill with our library books and sidewalk chalk. :)

    1. Yellowstone is on our list of places to see!
      We have friends that just moved to Idaho, so it could be a fun friend visit trip. :)

      Long live the lazy library book afternoons!

  2. I will second the sound machine. Both my babies have had one since birth (a sleep sheep for the wee girl and an actual machine for the baby boy), so traveling without them would be like traveling without the lovey. There would be much weeping and gnashing of teeth. We've also tried the "new bag of toys" trick, but found that "new movie on the tablet" worked much better. :D Hope all your travels are much fun!!

    1. There was an absolutely glorious trip two Christmas' ago when John was *just* old enough to have enough attention span for a movie, and Therese was so little she just slept in the Moby, wake up, smile at people, eat, go back to sleep.

      It. Was. Amazing.

      And so never going to happen again.
      But a girl can dream. ;)


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