Creative Re-wear - The Non-Shopper's Fashion Guide

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Welcome back for more Pants-Free July!

Today I'm focusing on creative ways to re-wear the pieces you already have in your closet. 

Besides crafting a style I'm comfortable wearing - I'm a big fan of finding creative ways to update the pieces I have. My goals fall into three general categories: 

1.  Get elements of trends without getting too fad influenced
2.  Extend the life of older clothes that are wearing down
3. Adapt clothing to any changes in my weight/body shape

Pants-Free July Week 2

The trick with getting elements of trends in your closet is to realize what you already have in there. Fashion trends are so cyclical that a lot of them have probably come back around again.

Next I take an overview look at what trends are out there. I'm looking for silhouettes, recurring colors or patterns, and cuts. I can often adapt pieces to be closer to fashion trends by doing things like changing the hang of a dress by cinching with safety pins inside to change the bodice or along the waist to create a high-low skirt out of an A-line. Adding trendy colors/patterns is easier and cheaper to do by buying a cardigan than a whole dress.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I do not shop for clothes very often - like I still have items from high school that I wear with regularity. But eventually things start to wear down: the elastic degrades, colors fade, and mysterious holes start appearing (seriously, where are they coming from?!)

When elastic necklines wear out, they become skirts! Just pull a shirt over it.
Holes can be covered up with either a tank worn under or a cardigan over.

Pants-Free July Week 3
I'll address this more when we talk maternity fashion next week, but many of us in the childbearing season on life are dealing with the relatively fast ups and downs for weight and body shape.

The best trick I have for dealing with that are super adjustable belts. We're talking the kind that don't even use holes. Like this:
This is my super worn out used-every-week-since-2005 belt. Still going!
When your waist is always changing, change the waist.
I find it can be more helpful to have dresses that are a little big, but are cinchable. That way I can go from everything to a size 10 to a size 6 (that is my real normal range people) and wear the same clothes.
Because I don't own clothes I don't wear. It's a good rule, I find.

And here was My Sunday Best from this week!

Dress: Nordstrom (yea sales + birthday gift card!)
Belt: Came with the dress
Sweater: Target
Shoes: Payless
Not pictured: White Circle Chapel Cap from Veils By Lily.


  1. Great tips! Love your dress/cardigan combo from today. :) Where did you find your floppy hat? As someone prone to burning, I'm always on the lookout for a good hat.

    1. I'm trying to remember now. My guess is it was either a gift or a hand me down (as many of my things are.) I remember not liking it at first because it was super stiff, but using it every morning has made it nice and floppy. :)

  2. What a lovely dress! Wish I could wear it...full on maternity wear now! I look forward to next week!

    1. Congrats on baby! Got lots of maternity ideas coming your way.

  3. Do you get the holes in shirts right at the waist? My shirts get holes right above the snap on my jeans/shorts. I think that's where they get worn from when I'm leaning on the sink washing endless dishes. I guess this month has been easier on my shirts since I'm wearing skirts! ha! Enjoyed your post.

    1. I had trouble commenting with my wordpress link. Not sure why it went back to my old blogger login! :-)

    2. The holes tend to appear in the middle of my back. I bet is it has to do with the friction of throwing babies into an Ergo back carry for years. Likely also made worse by the toddler with nothing better to do during dinner prep.

  4. Turning dresses with worn elastic necklines into skirts is a neat idea!

    1. Necessity being the mother of invention and all. Also being stubborn. :)

  5. You look gorgeous in your Sunday Best outfit! I just love the orange and white combination. :)

  6. Such a cute dress this Sunday! I love the pattern :) And belting is my favorite trick, too! I felt so put-together after this last baby because I could wear a ton of my cute dresses immediately afterwards because I had intentionally purchased loose-fitting, nursing-friendly dresses that I could belt.

  7. I'm impressed that your high school clothes (a) still fit and (b) have lasted! I think I'm down to one pair of pants that has made it that long, and they were a high-quality gift in the first place, so that makes sense. Then again, I didn't figure out how to dress like a grown-up until just a few years ago, so maybe it's good that I don't have much left.

  8. That is so great that you have such versatility with your clothes, i love all the colors!