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Friday, July 29, 2016

Linking up with This Ain't the Lyceum for 7 Quick Takes.

We have made it to the end of NFP Awareness Week everyone!

If you don't regularly read this blog and you just popped on for this week - I normally don't talk about NFP that much. Sorry. You're welcome to hang on until next year! Here's what I really talk about the rest of the year.



Raising these two little munchkins is my main job. I spend about 13-14 hours actively parenting every day. So I've got some thoughts about it.



We did homeschool preschool with my then 3 year old using 26 Letters to Heaven last year. We're gearing up for PK4 this year using Catholic Heritage Curricula. 

We're still planning on using the Little Lambs program for family catechesis. This year John will be joining me at Berkeley Ballet Theater in the pre-ballet division! 



I returned to ballet training after a good long break and two babies. It's been a fun road. My adult ballet training and bodily abilities post-babies are very different from the way they were before, but I think I'm deciding I like this dancer version of me better. Stretch marks and all.

Sneak peak: I'm taking an adult ballet intensive in a few weeks! Stay tuned for that.



I talk a lot about Catholicism in general. My general schtick is I'm a really middle of the road Catholic - I'm not going to be schismatic, but not trying to be more Catholic than the Pope. 
I'm always seeking a greater understanding of Catholicism and what it means for me personally to be a Catholic woman, wife, and mom. 


Liturgical Living

I love the little traditions that are present for the embracing!
These little things - May Crownings, family rosary, Holy Week observances - are the things that make the flavor of a Catholic childhood.
My 2 year old might not grasp the theology behind it yet, but she will get the feeling that this Catholic thing and it's trappings are important to her and her family.


Family Adventures

I chronicle our family adventures - be they a trip across the bay to Angel Island or all the way to Ireland for a second honeymoon.
I'm a big fan of exploring where you live. I'm big enough of a history nerd to find something interesting about many an odd place.


Fine, one more NFP thing.

My friend Sean Salai, S.J. did this interview with the awesome Simcha Fisher for America Magazine and it's great.

Now I'm done.

Until next year.

Because this is a thing.

How did you like NFP Awareness Week? Sticking around now that you know what I talk about the rest of the year? :)


  1. NPF is so tricky - - it's a highly intimate and private thing to discuss so publicly. But if we don't talk about it, everyone who's using it feels isolated and everyone who's not using it doesn't know it exists or works.

    I appreciate NFP week because it gives voice to something important. I also appreciate when NFP week is over, though. :)

    1. I know! Part of why I like to provide a platform for couple's NFP stories vs. writing articles on NFP myself is that I think there is nothing more powerful than the personal story of real people.

      It helps NFP Week still be fruitful to me too. We've been using NFP (with the exception of pregnancy times) for nearly 5 years - I'm as sold as I'm going to get on it. Hearing the stories allows those beautiful, refreshing perspectives into my life, and I get to know my friends better! Win-win!


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