NFP through Miscarriage and Fertility Help - Kaye's Story

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We're midway through NFP Awareness Week! 
Today we're hearing from Kaye - a young mom who did not have the simplest road through pregnancy and welcoming her (amazingly adorable) daughter.

I am a 26 year old Catholic wife and mother (little girl, 15 months). My husband and I got married the summer after we graduated college, and then moved across the country to start our lives together. Since then we have experienced many adventures - such as living in Germany and having our first child. Like any other couple we have also experienced sadness. During our first year of marriage We experienced the loss of a child (my first pregnancy).

 I bring up the miscarriage because, although we had been taught about NFP during our marriage prep, it was after losing this baby that we began to actively research and employ the practice.

I started seeing a OBGYN who was supportive of natural fertility monitoring and she worked with a Catholic nurse who was a NFP coach. The nurse was an amazing resource and she taught  me a version of NFP called the Creighton method. This method mainly uses the physical fertility signs of the body and has the option of also monitoring temperature (when my husband and I are actively trying to conceive I monitor temperature).

 My greatest challenge was getting out of my head.
NFP has worked so well for us and I have learned the inter-workings of my body so intimately that I constantly knew what part of my cycle I was in and if I was ovulating. This was awesome because my husband and I really wanted to have children, but when it ended up taking us over a year to conceive I started over analyzing everything! And I do mean everything! I would ask myself, "I am doing everything right why isn't this working?". "I know I ovulated what is wrong with me?". And then if there was any change during the final two weeks of my cycle (post ovulatory) I would think that I was for sure pregnant only to be devastated later.

I have gained such an appreciation of how amazingly complex and perfectly designedly fertility is. It has helped me grow in self-love and gratitude for my body.

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