JEI - Schooling Edition

Thursday, September 1, 2016

We're back for another round of JEI (Just Enough Info) with The Zelie Group!

It's getting nostalgic this week.
Figuring out my "best school memory" is a little complicated as someone who was homeschooled up until high school. Most of my "school" time was really family time - part of the beauty of homeschooling.

I ended up going with an experience from high school. Not because I don't have awesome memories from homeschooling, but because it reflects a blend of traditional school classes and that deep exploration that I associate with homeschooling

1. What is your best school memory from your childhood?

There was an essay contest for Sophomores at my high school through the British American Business Council. If you won the contest you got to attend the British Studies program at ACS Cobham in England. I was one of the three winners.
I got to spend two and a half weeks in England, with day trips to Wales and France, on full scholarship. It was my first time out of the country, and I loved it!

Classes in topics like British Naval History, Shakespeare, and British History were right up my alley.

One of the trip highlights was getting to see The Merchant of Venice at The Globe in London.

We had memorized a number of monologues, researched the time period, and gone in depth with the Shakespearean language used in play throughout the week prior to seeing it. 
I think this set me up for my habit of over-researching all plays I attend.

We also saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in London that summer, but that was not as over studied...
I have a soft spot for Luna Lovegood. She has such a genuine sweetness.

2. Do you have any back-to-school family traditions?

I anticipate this will be an area that will grow from doing something once and then having to do it EVERY TIME. Because kids.

Right now it's watching the mail like a hawk when anticipating the arrival of the school books. Unpacking them with the kind of glee normally reserved for Christmas, and starting school early because new books!

3. Markers or colored pencils?

Colored Pencils!

I have an inability to use anything containing ink without getting it all over my hands and arms. Seriously, it's a talent.

Colored pencils seem to have it easier to get the shading I want and it's much easier to make fun textures.
But mostly it's about not looking like I got very bruised in a fight with a rainbow...

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Next week's questions! Prayer theme.

1.What are your favorite devotions?

2.Have any of your prayers been answered? Do you have any prayers that you are glad weren’t answered the way you’d hoped?

3. How do you pray with your kids?


  1. I felt so nostalgic writing this post too! It was fun and put a smile in my heart though! Great post! Sharing Sharing Sharing :)

  2. What an amazing experience to go to England...on a full scholarship. Good for you! :)

    I've though about starting a Book Box tradition-- making a big celebration of the day the books arrive. We'll see.

  3. That sounded like a great, educational trip. I would love to see the Globe Theatre.

  4. Hi! I am visiting from the link-up. Your trip sounds amazing! I have to agree that opening a package of books is an exciting experience. My boys aren't as excited when they see the new school books arriving, and my mail lady has complained to my husband in the past, but I don't let their bad attitudes get me down. Getting my hands on a new book is a real treat!

    1. Hmmm. Maybe we all need a MOM back to school tradition, where we open the book boxes and have some chocolate. Forget the kids and bring on the vino! :)


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