Setting the World on Fire - the St. Catherine of Siena Conference

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

This past weekend was the Catholic women's conference Setting the World on Fire!

Kendra Tierney, of Catholic All Year, was generous enough to open her home to all of us. This being a conference of Catholic women, that included a lot of babies!

We got to christen the living room with the first mass to be said in the house. (There will be a chapel but it was neither finished nor able to hold a group our size.)

Father brought brown scapulars for everyone who wanted them, and apparently the moment was documented. Thanks Jennifer!

It cracked me up that there were 3 women wearing veils and ALL of them were the infinity scarfs from Veils by Lily in Charcoal Blue. I had no idea I was being so trendy.
Our two main speakers were Kendra and Meg Hunter-Kilmer, aka the Hobo Missionary.

Both speakers focused on evangelization - what it looks like and how we do it as Catholic women. 
By and large that also focused on evangelizing as moms and bloggers too. 

Meg has an awesome podcast, Hobo for Christ, that includes saint stories for kids. I highly recommend it because this is what happens when Meg tells kids saint stories:

These are the kids who left the pool and trampoline to listen to Meg tell saint stories. 
Yeah, she's that good.

It was great to finally meet in person women that I've followed for a few years now, and to meet people who have read my blog too. (Hi Christina!) I love seeing the fruit of putting myself out there on the internet.

There were a number of our uber-talented, etsy crafting, Catholic women who were generous enough to give us some parting gifts as a memory of the weekend. 

I'm allergic to the vast majority of metals, but so far this appears to be safe for me. Yea jewelry that doesn't burn me!

Most of the attendees were local-ish so they just drove in, but there were a few travelers. A group of us got an Air BnB house together which just extended the fellowship time! We got to come back to the house and have our own happy hour in the backyard. 
Found out Ashley, of Between the Linens and Catholic Women Live, is a fellow Anthropology person. Love meeting other people who are my flavor of nerd!

Sara (of Catholic...Again), Michela (of California to Korea), Meg (our Hobo for Christ who blogs at Held by His Pierced Hands), and Me!
If you want to see more pictures, check out the hashtag #stcathconf on Instagram (because #settingheworldonfire was largely taken by Kenny Chesney...)


  1. Aaaaah! What an wonderful experience! Am I understanding you correctly?!?! You've *been* in Gramblewood? So cool. So a teeny bit jealous.

    1. Yup, we got a tour and everything! It *was* a little weird at first. "Oh look I know this floor from Instagram..." Everyone was really sweet and it was fun to meet the kids and husbands!

  2. Replies
    1. You too! It's a shame we don't live closer.

  3. I hope it was a joyful and energizing time. Sending love and prayers for you and all catholic women seeking to set the world on fire.

  4. Holy smokin' incense, this looks and sounds like such a cool conference! I think it's great that all the veiled women were wearing the exact same veil. Great minds think alike! And..I think it's amazing that you got a tour of Gramblewood. Trying not to be jealous about that haha.

  5. "(because #settingheworldonfire was largely taken by Kenny Chesney...)"

    *snort* :D

    You're quick to the post! And I actually thought the same thing when I saw the veils - good taste all around. Lovely to spend the day with you! Do it again next year? :)

    1. By the way, is it being prideful at all if I point out that the link to my blog is broken? :D

    2. No because I was excited to check it out and Googling doesn't help. What's the link? Also, Kirby, I'm so glad you came!

  6. I feel so special! Love this. It was so so good to meet you and all the other wonderful women there :)


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