We're Back! Successes and Failures of Christmas 2016

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

We're back from Texas!!

I did nothing of significance besides get home with everyone in one piece yesterday and I'm super ok with that. Because flying with two kids, and sleep NEEDED to happen.
We traveled a lot this trip - way more than usual - with short day trips and some overnight. Here are some of the successes....and failures.

Success: I remembered the Christmas Stockings!!!

This sounds silly, but it's been a struggle y'all.
Because we are often traveling for Christmas, I like having the stockings stay consistent. I cross stitch stockings for each kid while I'm pregnant, and I rushed to finally finish Matt's last year....and then forgot to pack them.

But I remembered this year! And by "remembered" I mean Matt reminded me as we were packing to head out the door to the airport. 

Failure: Sleeping

The kids took this trip as inspiration for a nap strike. Not good since they were falling asleep at their places by 5pm. 
One night Therese literally fell asleep into her dinner roll. #PartyFail

Success: Seeing Family!

We took a short trip down to Houston and the Gulf Coast so the kids got to see their Great-Grandparents and had a jolly time seeing the beach with great-grandpa, seeing the cows and cats with one great-grandma and picking fresh veggies with another great-grandma.

They also had lots of fun with their aunts, Grandma, and Big Chief. 

Failure: Seeing Friends

We did manage to see Jacob (yes, the same one) and our friend Amy on our last day, but there were so many other people I meant to see and didn't manage to make happen. Really sorry Dallas people! Hopefully it can happen next time. I'll try and be better about planning before we start the traveling crazy times.

Success: Date Nights!

One of the best gifts my family gives us when we visit is lots of opportunity for date nights! We had a pretty epic one that started as dinner at a fun new place in the Deep Ellum area of Dallas...which turned into wanting to play pool...which turned into making friends with some bartenders...which lead to finding music...which lead to line dancing with new people and meeting a musician who grew up blocks away from me.

Going out with Matt is always an adventure, even after five years of marriage and kids.

What were some of your successes and failures this Christmas?


  1. Welcome home! I love that you had such a great date night during your vacation!! I fear you didn't get your prize on time though :( I hope you did receive it!!!

  2. Success: getting to Mass as a family. Failure: trying to stretch out Christmas celebrating throughout the whole season. Even though we didn't start Christmas-ing until the 25th, the kids seem sort of ready to move on with life. Oh well.

    Thanks for sharing! Your date nights look especially fun! :)

  3. "We did nothing significant yesterday except get everyone home in one piece...". With littles, I would say that was a significant success! ��

    Looks like you had fun, though.

    Success here: keeping Christ in Christmas Day celebrations and beginning a new tradition.
    Work Harder: keeping up with the Jesse Tree next year?


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