2016 Recap - Top 10 Posts

Friday, December 30, 2016

Wrapping up my 2016 Recap a bit late due to some fun times doing a road trip to the Gulf Coast of Texas so my kids could see their great-grandparents. You can see what happened there on Instagram.

Catch up on what's been brewing on Under Thy Roof - these are the Top 10 posts, by popularity, from 2016!


All of the NFP stories from NFP Awareness Week topped my list of most read posts. For the sake of keeping this interesting, I'm just going to link them all here.

Josh and Amanda's story is Unequally Yoked - NFP in a Mixed Marriage


In which I finally confess where I stand on breastfeeding.


Everything I wanted to say when I was fighting to study Catholic women and not talk about women's ordination. So I'll be a Catholic woman, educated at a women's college with a minor in Women's Studies, willing to tell you why I don't support women's ordination.


It seems to have been part of my 2016 M.O. to start letting y'all into some of the rough parts of my experience. I've finally healed enough from the suffering of PPD, and successfully prevented it with my second pregnancy, so I wrote up my top 7 recommendations for moms hoping to hold off PPD.


Remember the Love Your Spouse challenge that was going around Facebook? You're supposed to post pictures of you and your spouse for five days and tag other couples to "keep the celebration of love going".
Well someone tagged my friend Jacob Boddicker, S.J. He's a Jesuit Scholastic who will be ordained to the priesthood this June.  Instead of ignoring the tag, he wrote a five part vocation story and love letter to the church. It's beautiful! I asked him if I could republish the series as blog posts. Here they are!


I finally worked up to writing anything, at all, about fashion(A whole series on it y'all!) to do Pants-Free July with Rosie at A Blog for my Mom. Smack in the middle was our 2nd honeymoon trip to Ireland, so a good run of picture are me, wearing skirts, in gorgeous places. Or rain. Both happened.


Therese's 2nd birthday party write up was weirdly popular. Yes, I really did make a whole party just about cakes. Every time I asked Therese what kind of party she wanted to have she would only reply with "cake". So that's what I did!
I essentially made every cake-ish dish that had peaked my interest in the past year, and made it! 


This summer I was attending a friend's wedding back in Texas and was going to miss Father's Day AND my husband's birthday in one fell swoop. So I wrote a surprise post in his honor! 
I gave him the impression I was writing a post about the crazy things I find on the side of the road (I'll tell you more about "hippy Christmas" later), and set this to post on the blog and Facebook while I was still in the air.

Hehehehehe, sneaky wife surprises!


The top 7 crunchy things I do now that I would never have pictured myself doing before/didn't even know existed.


Pop over to the link up on Revolution of Love to see the rest of the 2016 Recaps!

Did any of your favorites make the cut? Who should *I* start reading in the new year?


  1. I am not surprised at your list of top posts! These are some of my all time favorites from your blog! I am looking forward to rereading some of these tonight :)

    1. Thanks Jessica! I'm so glad Bobbi did this link up! I'm really enjoying going back through everyone's posts.

  2. So many good posts. It might be silly, but I was hoping your Georgia Peach Party post would be on the list. While not as fascinating as the vocation series or some of the others, it was really fun to read. As a Midwesterner who can't dance, I appreciate your posts on ballet and Southern hospitality. Here's to 2016! :)

    1. It *barely* didn't make the cut. I loved that one too! Throwing themed party probably counts as our couple hobby. ;)

      Glad you like the ballet posts! I know dancing ballet is not something shared by many of my readers, but my hope is that they encourage others to explore their interests, whatever they may be, and still be awesome moms!


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