JEI: Fall Edition!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

It's Thursday! Link up time with The Zelie Group!

Best fall flavor:  apple or pumpkin?

Pumpkin is what screams Fall and comfort for me. I'm that super basic mom with a PSL and totally fine with that. :)

My husband grew up on the East Coast where things like going apple picking are an essential part of the Fall experience. That wasn't a thing where I grew up in Texas, and the nearest apple farms are a two hour drive from where we live now.
Aside from our homemade apple cider (aka apple juice we cook long and slow with whole spices) our kids probably are growing up associating pumpkin with Fall too.

The leaves are changing colors, and the air is crisp.  What are you looking forward to about fall?

I'm a big fan of Halloween. And All Souls. And All Saints. I pretty much don't miss a chance to party.
Summer is a bit of a slow time, liturgical year speaking. Once we hit Michaelmas the party train is rolling!

There's a major holiday at the end of every month for three months in a row, and Fall starts slow. That lets me take time to slowly make DIY decorations with the kids, think about new foods to cook, parties to throw, and dream up our celebrations with the husband.

Being married to a guy who can Pinterest harder than I might help. ;)

Do you decorate for the season (and which is it: fall or autumn?)

If the above didn't tell you already, YES!

Most of the decorations I'm making are very party specific, but I have two Fall wreaths and a garland I made a few years ago that I reuse every year.

The H stays attached to the wall and I change out the wreath around it for Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer (because they're basically the same season in the Bay Area.)

We don't have a lot of decoration space in our little apartment, but doing these little seasonal changes are something I look forward to. I dream of having a porch, real front door, and mantle to decorate!

I call it Fall more out of habit then a thought out reasoning. I'll call the season Autumn if I'm trying to be fancy or just need an A alliteration thing going on.
In Texas we just called it "Football Season" so....

Here are the questions again for y'all!

1. Best fall flavor: apple or pumpkin?
2. The leaves are changing colors, and the air is crisp. What are you looking forward to about fall?
3. Do you decorate for the season (and which is it: fall or autumn?)

If you're a reader, answer in the comments. Link up a post if you have a blog!


  1. Your seasonal wreathing around your initial is a neat idea. I might have to try it. Things that are nailed to the wall are *usually* exempt from being chewed up. :)

  2. I love this season! I also love the wreath around your initial! Super cute! I'm glad you like to celebrate Halloween, All Saint's and All Soul's too. I think you have to know how to celebrate to really enjoy the Catholic faith!


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