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Friday, October 14, 2016

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Does it feel like I'm not posting much? *I* feel like I'm not posting much.
Here's what's been happening during my MIA time.



John has been blowing me away with how eager and ready he was to "do school". I don't think my preschool materials are going to last past Christmas (Good Problem! Good problem?)

We have gotten to do a few fun field trips so far this October.

Hoe's Down

The annual festival of harvest glory over at Full Belly Farm. John was all over this haybale maze/pyramid, and Therese beat out all the other kids digging potatoes. Apparently being little and unusually strong gives one an advantage there...

Fleet Week

This past week was the annual Fleet Week in San Francisco. We're always busy during the weekend when the air shows and other events are happening, but have made it out on the Monday to do some of the free ship tours when things are less crowded and crazy.

This year we got to see the USS San Diego and the HMCS Calgary.

The San Diego has a bunch of amphibious vehicles that blew John's mind. All of the marines aboard were really nice with the little kids. Therese was a little concerned every time we had one take our picture though ("Why you take my momma phone?").

We brought priest friends with us!
Well soon to be priests.
Both of these guys are getting ordinated to the transitional diaconate next weekend!



Last night was my first pointe class post-ankle sprain (that I didn't know was really an ankle sprain until after dancing a week long workshop on it, but oh well.)

It went moderately well. I didn't fall over or re-injure myself. It's going to be a long road getting that strength back, and I think I just need to re-commit to daily turn out and strengthening workouts. Goodbye relaxing naptimes!


English Country Dance

Our parish hosted an English Country Dance!!

It was a ton of fun, and we even got our emphatically non-dancer pastor to join in. ;)

Dancing to live music is amazing!

Swing Dance

Speaking of dancing, we're putting on another swing dance!

RJ and I will be teaching the lessons again. If you're in the SF Bay Area, you should come!


Speaking of upcoming events, we're having the former Director of the Vatican Observatory coming to give us a talk!


I'm going to brag on my husband for a second, y'all.

He's been doing some awesome work for our parish refugee committee collecting bikes from neighbors looking to clear out garage space, fixing them up, and distributing to refugees in the area. It's awesome to see him walking the walk for welcoming the stranger.


Blog news!

Remember the Love Your Spouse challenge that was going around Facebook? You're supposed to post pictures of you and your spouse for five days and tag other couples to "keep the celebration of love going".
Well someone tagged my friend Jacob Boddicker, S.J. He's a Jesuit Scholastic who will be ordained to the priesthood this June.  Instead of ignoring the tag, he wrote a five part vocation story and love letter to the church. It's beautiful! I'll be publishing the series all next week, so check back Monday.

Meet Jacob!

Jacob Boddicker is a Jesuit scholastic originally from Iowa, and is currently studying at the Jesuit School of Theology in preparation for ordination. He has an academic background in archaeology, history, and philosophy, and his interests include music, science fiction/fantasy, and writing

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  1. Looks like lots of fun busy-ness for your family. :)

    I'm interested in seeing the series. :)


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