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Friday, October 28, 2016

Linking up with This Ain't the Lyceum for 7 Quick Takes!

We all have those things about us that are a little weird. Be it preferences, pet peeves, or the odd hobby - I feel like these are the things that really help you to get to know each other.
So let's get acquainted!

I really hate pants

I've written about this before, especially during Pants Free July with Rosie at A Blog for My Mom, but it remains true. I hate pants. I don't know what it is about my body shape, but pants do not stay on and I spend all day having to pull them up.
I could probably find the magical perfect pair if I really set my mind to it....or I could just wear skirts and dresses. That's where I've ended up and I'm pretty happy here.


I have strong opinions about puns and humor

This annoys my husband to no end, and I seem to be surrounded by punny people, but I find very few jokes or puns funny. Funny has to meet the following criteria: clever, well delivered, and well timed. I do well with British humor. If I hear the pun coming, it's not funny anymore.
Keeping 'em on their toes here.


My least favorite type of music is Rap

When we had to make a Do Not Play list for our wedding the first thing on it was a whole category: Rap. This opinion has been somewhat reformed by the musical Hamilton. Apparently I like rap the same way I like my humor. At least I'm consistent?


I'm a bit of an overdoer

When I had to do taxes for the first time, I memorized the tax code that might have any chance of applying to me. When I went to school for the first time, I read the entire student handbook and made a strategy to get the highest rank points to I could be Valedictorian (and succeeded). 
Being home with the kids, in charge of my own schedule, and creator of any structure I want to have has relaxed me a good bit.
This *is* me being relaxed y'all.


I'm fabulous in emergency situations

When I was a kid, I would lead my sisters in doing tornado drills, black out drills, and pretty much any other drill I could dream up. When someone is bleeding, something is on fire, or some other disaster strikes - it's like the world slows down for me. I go into this weird decisive, calm, surety about what I'm doing. It's useful.
Now how I would do with long term hard... we'll have to wait and see.


I'm hyperextended and hyper flexible all over the place

It's the gift that should be better than it is. When I came back to ballet after a substantial break, I expected to be stiffer. Come to find out, flexibility is something I have naturally.
This should be awesome, but flexibility means nothing if you don't have the muscle strength to control it. We're not talking base strength, I've got that in spades, this involves those tiny hidden muscles in your legs, back, and feet that are really only useful for dance or athletics.

My son seems to have these same gifts. Hopefully I can help him learn how to control the flexibility. Because even though my arms and knees can keep twisting, that's really a terrible long term plan.


Texas is a primary identity for me

When I'm abroad I don't just say I'm from the US, I'm from Texas. Texas has a culture all it's own. It's southern with a little western independant tenacity. It's the music, line dancing, queso, football, and saying "bless their heart". I feel a little sad for the rest of the country missing out on homecoming mums and Blue Bell ice cream.

So tell me, what's your weird?


  1. These are so fun! I'm glad that Hamilton has helped you reform your opinion on rap a little bit :) I think it's cool that you are so naturally flexible-I am not, and even when I'd stretch and dance and work on it big-time as an Irish dancer, I could never grow to be terribly flexible.

    For "weird" things about me...I need to eat dessert with a spoon. Even if most "normal" people go for the forks, I will use a spoon (or spork, if spoons aren't available). I just think that spoons are infinitely better at scooping up cake (or frosting) than forks. Another "weird" thing about me is how I say certain words. I've been told that I say some words like I'm from Minnesota, which is strange, since I've only briefly visited there twice in my life. But apparently the way I say "bag" (it comes out like "beg") is a Minnesota thing, according to some of my friends.

    1. I have all sorts of words I say wrong! Mostly because English is weird. I was a voracious reader as a child which meant I was often first learning a word from sounding it out. That only worked well if there wasn't something odd about English, and we all know how that works out...

    2. Me too! There are times I ask David if I'm saying a word correctly because I've only ever seen it in print. I still hesitate before saying "valance" and "disheveled" because of that. :)

    3. Oh yes. The burden of being a childhood reader :P

  2. #2 There are two kinds of people: those who get British humor and those who don't. Too bad for your husband!

    1. One of the criteria we use as to whether something will make a good "date night in" movie/show is if it's British. Have you seen Jeeves and Wooster? I haven't yet, but David is a fan.

  3. So fun!!! Texas identity for ever... Taco, HEB, Bucees, fast highways with access roads, big skies, brown beaches, Tex mex, line dancing, rodeos, and Friday night lights forever!!

    I take the same rules to rap that I do with all music, it must be musically interesting, incorporate thoughtful lyrics, and tapping into some part of beauty or truth.

    1. I can get behind those rules! I've found that I love stuff I can sing to as well. If I can harmonize to it, that's even better!

  4. Seriously, pants. THE WORST. Not even worth trying, although yoga pants are serving me pretty well in these last weeks of pregnancy ;)


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