2016 Recap - Year in Pictures

Monday, December 26, 2016

It's been a packed year, and I'm linking up with Bobbi from Revolution of Love to do a series of 2016 Recap posts!


It was last January when I finally decided to take the plunge back into auditioning and performing!


On last Valentine's weekend, we put on our first Young Adults Swing Dance with this rockin' core team! It was so much fun, and we put on another swing dance this past Fall. I have aspirations of doing Line Dancing next. :)


We had our third Easter and Holy Week in this parish. I can't believe Therese still was crawling in this picture!


"I gotta walk with Therese, momma. Keep her safe. That's my job." #siblinglove#littlekidsholdinghandsarethebest
And she finally walked on April 4th! In the words of our pastor, "Look out world, the Scooch Princess is *really* mobile now!"


Favorite dance picture of me to date.

I had my first post-babies Ballet performance last May for the Berkeley Ballet Theater Adult Showcase. So good to be back!
We also kicked off our summer of birthdays with an early beach bonfire party for me and a Construction Party take 2 for John's 4th birthday at the end of the month.


Father and Son waiting for the ferry. You know you live in the Bay Area when you have to wear a fleece in June....and short sleeves by noon.

We had lots of little travels in June (Matt for work in Minnesota, me for a wedding in Texas), but we made sure to have some family adventures with the kids. Angel Island (which also happened to be during their Civil War Days) and the Country Fair with Joe Nichols concert probably topped out that list!


My birder husband glimpsing a Puffin colony off the Cliffs of Moher, positively in his element.

Matt and I had our 2nd Honeymoon/first 5 year trip to Ireland! The kids got to stay in Texas at "Camp Grandma". Our goal is to do a big couple trip like this every 5 years (especially since half the fun is being in cahoots and planning and dreaming up the trip.) Can't wait to see where we go next!


I danced my first adult summer Ballet intensive! It was a week of dancing about 6 hours every day. This photo was taken by Matt during the last choreography class of the week. Family and friends were invited to observe the last class and see our studio performance. John and Therese got to come too.


And then John started Ballet!
He's in the pre-ballet division at my studio, and is rocking being the only boy in class (so far).
We also started homeschooling slightly more seriously this year (you can read more about our homeschooling plan here). I'm just a little bit in shock that he'll be in Kindergarten in the Fall!

I also took a quick solo weekend trip to Altadena to hang out with a bunch of awesome Catholic women at the Setting the World on Fire Conference. It was lovely meeting some of y'all in person!


These men finally got ordained! They are all now Jesuit deacons, and two of the three will be ordained to the priesthood this June. 
The one in the middle is also my swing dance partner. Yeah, we're that cool.


November was the month that I finally got cast in a theater production! We took a big hike with friends for #OptOutside on Black Friday, then used the amazing-I-don't-understand-how-we-were-lucky-enough-to-get-them season tickets to see The King and I in San Francisco.

Get this kids, season tickets means TICKETS TO HAMILTON! So. Excited.


We got everyone in one picture! And looking at the camera! Mostly!

We're currently in Texas for a big visit with my side of the family. So far there's been a backyard bonfire, a freak heat wave, singing and dancing, and mass attending. 
Sounds about normal.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you! Loved seeing these pictures and also getting to see you again down in SoCal. Blessings on your new year!

  2. What a great year you had. I'm super impressed with your dancing! I love that you're a "swinging" mama. Thanks for linking up!


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