My Top 5 Favorite Media of the Year {2016 Recap}

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ok y'all, this is the part where I confess I'm *really* behind on media. 
Current media that is. If you wanted to talk medieval Europe or Ancient Greece I'd be your girl.

So while some of the other bloggers are writing their top fives for books, and another list for movies, and another for TV shows, I'm just going to give you my top 5 of everything.

Because I could only come up with 5 current year media things I honestly enjoyed.

So here are my top 5 media favorites from 2016!

Love and Friendship

If you have any taste at all for Jane Austin or costume dramas WATCH THIS! It's so funny! Witty, smart, and pokes fun at the ridiculous in Austin's world.

I was lucky enough to see this one in theaters, but you can now catch it on Netflix.


I only just saw this movie over the Christmas break, but I am so impressed!
I still have lots of thoughts about this movie, and writing reviews with spoilers is hard, but I will say that I think it is one of the most pro-life movies to come out this year.

Not scary, just smart sci-fi. 

The Summer Before the War

Moving onto books!
This is the only book that came out this year that I actually read. It's that good!

Don't be scared off my it's size, I inhaled this over a plane ride.
It focuses on the countryside of England right before, and during, World War I. It touches on treating refugees with dignity, what it means for your world to be turned upside down, and finding humanity within it all - without feeling preachy. And, ya know, pretty British costume drama and mannerisms!

(I might have a bias there.)

The Kettering Incident

Best underappreciated show from 2016!

Picture a cross between Stranger Things and Twin Peaks but set in Tasmania. The cinematography is fantastic, the setting is gorgeous, and has plenty of plot twists I didn't immediately see coming.

The Crown

The Crown has to be on here (I think I've established my MO above), but I must confess I've barely gotten into it. What I've seen has been striking. I think they did a great job casting. It's my current favorite for accent study for Earnest.

Head over to Revolution of Love to read this other posts in the link up!
What were your favorite media from 2016?

And because I've been loving on Instagram way more in 2016 than any other prior year, here's my #2016BestNine! You can get yours here.


  1. This is great!! The Summer Before the War was in my Too 10 reads this year and I'm hoping to see Arrival next week. Love The Crown but haven't heard of the other show. I'll add it to my watch list. 😃 I'm so glad I happen to discover you on IG lately. Thanks for sharing and linking up!

    1. Let me know what you think of Arrival! It feels like it's not very talked about, but it's a solid movie.
      Love your posts on IG too! Thanks for hosting the recap linkups!

  2. Hmm... I read Major Pettigrew's Last Stand and I was unimpressed (can't remember exactly why, that was just the feeling I remember having after finishing it) so I wasn't going to even bother about TSBTW. However, now that you and Bobbi have recommended it, I may have to rethink my position! 😀

    1. I say give it a shot! I didn't read Pettigrew so I can't speak to how it will compare.

  3. I LOVE your Instagram photo thingy.. yes that's what I am calling it because I have no idea how you did it but it's amazing!!!! I am sad to say I didn't join this link up because I don't really watch tv or movies unless forced! I fall asleep and make everyone mad lol

    1. Go to this link and it will do it for you!!

      Note that this is most of the media I consumed from not much better.
      I did see things like Rouge One that I'm kind of "meh" about, but that's for a different post!


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