A Mid-Production Update

Friday, December 9, 2016

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Hi Everyone!
There has been a ton going on around here lately, so I figured it was time for an update!

Importance of Being Earnest rehearsals are going well. We're supposed to be off book next week.
We're Facebook official now. I'll post when we have the website event/ticket link up and running!

We had a promotional photoshoot last week that was a blast, but I completely forgot to take any photos! I'll just have to wait for the professional ones to come out.


Nutcracker production starts hitting hard next week. I'm on the costume committee and spent the Saturday after Thanksgiving sewing from 10am - 10pm, almost straight. But I got it done! Early!

((BTW, you-know-you're-Catholic-when: your Ballet teacher remarks, upon seeing you hauling a mass of tulle and sequins up the stairs, that "You know there are no indulgences for sewing Nutcracker costumes, right?" #IHeartMyBalletStudio))

Past me seems to have thought it would be a brilliant idea to sign up for my required three shows all in one day. Getting the schedule reminded me, "Oh yeah, that means being at the theater from 8:30am-9:30pm." I'm very much considering setting up a coffee machine in my sewing corner.


We had an awesome homeschool field trip to the Oakland Museum of California this week. 
It's a three part museum (Art, History, and Natural History) and we actually made it to TWO sections! You know your kids are growing up when they have the attention and stamina for that much museum time.
Write up on that coming soon!


John's awesome godfather, Jason, visited St. Nicholas Eve and brought a Banjo. We had some family caroling time, and I suddenly realized John was oooohing the Bass line. On pitch and in tune.

This is the child who kept insisting I not sing at home.
What sneaky sneaky talents you have, little one!

Therese looks like she's singing, but I would call it closer to squeaking. Baby steps to high notes.


Speaking of St. Nicholas, this is what we did!

I deem it a rousing success with the whole family.


"John, it's a 'poodle'!"
It has been rainy, foggy, and cold here. I like to call it Irish weather (makes it sound funner.)
The kids have been doing a winter camp at the rec center around the corner, and I've been so grateful for the two hours of art time and running around in a warm dry gym.
This is the weather that can cause homeschooling + apartment living to get hairy.

Still sticking to our morning walks though! Even in the rain! It does make for pictures that are just adorable.


Finally, our friend Craig took Christmas card pictures for us, and Christmas cards & newsletters are starting to go into the mail!

It makes me so much calmer to be early/on time with cards and other planning. I'm Type A and I know it.

Reminder: the Advent challenge with The Zelie Group has been going strong! Join in with hashtags #TheZelieGroup #TZG_Advent2016 #TZG_PhotoChallange 

Here are the daily prompts:

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