Ballet Intensive Day 2: Not So Bad...But What Happens Wednesday?!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I did so good today!

Not like everything was easy (not by a long shot), but the only pain I had was the expected muscle aches. I did not need the ankle brace (or painkillers) at all!

Dancing without the brace is such sweet freedom!

Because I'm hyper extended in, like, everywhere, I have to work harder than everyone else for really important basic things. Like alignment, getting over my toes, and pulling up.

I had exactly one turn where the instructor said "Nice turn, but..." and I just stopped listening for a second to dwell on the fact that someone said "nice turn" to me. :)

I got through Pilates class, and the dreaded 100s, by essentially imagining this:

When you normally eat dinner at 5pm, having something like Pilates at 5pm is just extra mean. 
So hungry! And at that point I want normal, hot food. Not this health bar business. 

But there's this thing everyone keeps doing....

Student: "Do we need pointe shoes for this class?"
Teacher: "No, flats. Save the pointes for Wednesday."

What happens on Wednesday?

Teacher: "If you think you're sore now, just wait until Wednesday."

What happens on Wednesday?!

Teacher: "Enjoy your break because you'll REALLY want it on Wednesday."


I'm both gots-to-know curious and terrified to find out what happens today. 

If I don't come back, assume it was death by pointe shoe. Or something equally beautiful and painful.

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