Off to Ballet Intensive I Go!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Awesome news everyone - I've been cleared to dance the Ballet Intensive!
Sort of anyway.

I still have to bring the brace and wear it if my ankle starts hurting at all or if I'm doing anything risky, like new-to-me jumps, that is likely to put a lot of strain on my ankle.

I'm prepared to spend most of the evenings icing my ankle, heating pad on my back, and squishing in all of my baby snuggles!
Seriously, not being with the kids so much of the day might just be the hardest part of this plan.

Child Care Plan

I decided I wanted to do this intensive before I really had a set plan for important aspects, namely child care.
Thankfully I lucked out, this is one of Matt's more flexible weeks at work. He's smooshing all the meetings into the morning hours, and staying with the kiddos from about 11:15am on. Luckily, a substantial part of that will be normal nap time. 
(This would be a good week to sleep well, youngin's!)

Ballet Workshop Schedule

Here's what I am anticipating the schedule to be:

11:30 Ballet Class (Barre and Center)
Break for Lunch
2:00 Speciality Class (This could be focusing on jumps, turns, pointe work, etc.)
4:00 Repertoire (Learning variations from established ballets.)
5:00 Pilates 

We'll be done about 6:00pm every day.


I'll need to pack a lunch and a few snacks every day. I'll be experimenting a little bit to figure out what works best for me.

On the try out agenda:

Mason jar smoothies
Granola Bars
Nuts/Dried Fruit
Hummus and Veggies
Mason Jar Salads

Since I normally have a lunch of leftovers/creative reusing of leftovers, this is a big break from my normal.
I have some things I know are my "rescue foods". Things like oranges or a square of chocolate, that can really help quickly if I'm fading, getting nauseous, or crampy.

Matt will be handling the cooking of the dinners this week. He's a great cook, but I'm still trying to get as much of the food prep or slow cooker stuff done in the morning.

And here's My Sunday Best!

I got exactly one photo out of my 4 year old photographer, so y'all get a peek at my jerry rigged curtains (aka. shower curtain hung up with thumb tacks.).
Dress: Kohl's
Infinity Veil: Veils by Lily
The kids did so good at mass today! 
Therese waited ALL OF MASS for the Sign of Peace. It's her favorite part. Sometimes she jumps the gun and starts trying to shake hands with the people behind us during the Eucharistic prayers, but she held it in today.


  1. Love the dress, love the veil! You look so pretty.

  2. Your 4 year old did a pretty good job taking the the picture! :-) Love that blue on you, so pretty!

  3. It's a beautiful dress. My mommy brain says it's that lovely blue that everyone likes in the crayon box. Have a great time and good luck at your ballet intensive.

    1. It's a funny shade/fabric that looks like different shades of blue in different light. Surprisingly light weight too!

  4. Wow, this ballet intensive sounds incredible (and exhausting)-I'm sure it will be a great experience for you! I think it's funny how you mention the food not being your normal thing-I can relate! I get so used to eating leftovers, when we don't have leftovers in the house for lunch and I have to make a sandwich, it feels so weird!

    1. Right?! And we have such yummy leftovers this week!

  5. Ha, the shower curtain is probably better than no curtains at all! I've given up on trying to hang anything because then the kids decide it's something they're supposed to hide behind ;)

    1. The blinds that were there broke, and getting repairs in this building is beyond difficult (aka they just don't happen). I line it with a flannel sheet to make it darker in the mornings. The joy of renting!

  6. Kids at mass are the best. They have such enthusiasm and see things in such a sweet perspective. What a great post!


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