Why Yes, I Am the Laundry Witch

Monday, August 8, 2016

I live in an apartment building with a shared laundry room. We have two washers and two dryers. 

Also in this building are lots and lots of students. They have varying levels of competence for things like closing doors, turning off lights, and controlling their vocal volume on the very echo-y stairs.

The other day, much to my surprise, came a voice amplified by the stair echo complaining about a certain Laundry- now he used a term I'd rather not, so we're going to go with a HIMYM-esque euphemism - Laundry Witch.

This Laundry Witch has been making unreasonable demands like not stuffing the washer so full it can't turn and fetching laundry out of the washer before it mildews. How dare she!

It suddenly dawned on me that he was talking about ME. I was the Laundry "Witch". 

Because I keep doing things like stopping the smoking machine before it moved onto visible flames because someone stuffed it too full. Gee gads - I had no idea people WANTED the building to burn down. Why bless their hearts, I thought they were happy having a place to live.

So if that makes me a Laundry Witch, I'll be a Laundry Witch. And this Laundry Witch has some handy messages for you.

I've long joked about making WWII style propaganda posters to remind people of some basic laundry room stuff, but I've got a new persona to embrace.
Here's some reminders from the resident Laundry Witch.

This was nice and cathartic everyone.
I've learned I'm going to have a lot of fun with Picmonkey come Halloween time. ;)

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  1. These are great-the dryer fires one is my favorite :)


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