The Week in Which I Start ALL THE THINGS!

Friday, August 26, 2016

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It feels so good to be home!
This week was our first semi-normal week post-ballet intensive for me, and of course I decide to start ALL THE THINGS! Because that's what I do. 


This was our first week of homeschool for my Pre-Ker!
John is super excited to be doing school with momma now. However, I've made the realization he was a little more advanced than I thought, so strict following of the lesson plans does not make sense right now. 
We're doing what they have for a week in a day or so until we hit the point where things are new for him. 
I'm just going to consider this week review and be fine with it.


In other homeschool news, our first field trip of the year is next week! We're going to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. Think natural history museum, planetarium, and aquarium all rolled into one. It's amazing and free via the library's Discover and Go program. If you're in California, check and see if your library is participating. Best deal in town!


I also love school starting because we live in a college town so the beginning of the school year means brand new students and families are moving into the area!
Our official kick off event for the parish young adult group is next Friday, but we're already meeting new people at other events and masses. So exciting!


Return of the students also means the return of social dancing!

We have another swing dance coming up in November, and I just heard this week that the parish will be hosting an English Country Dance in October! Live music and everything.

I know we're not going to dress up to this level, but wouldn't it be so much fun?!
Dancing is contagious. :)


The Young Adults decided to form a team to compete in the official Harry Potter Trivia night down at a local bar.

Our team name is "Neville gonna give you up, Neville gonna let you down".

Yeah, we're that awesome. ;)


Other exciting start this week: The Zelie Group!

A group of Catholic mom bloggers have gotten together to form the Zelie Group and start a new weekly Thursday link up: JEI (Just Enough Info).

We are drawing inspiration  from St. Zelie Martin as a model for living deep faith while working and raising little saints. The Zelie Group will be a place to share this journey of motherhood, and lift each other up, even from a distance.

Keep an eye out for a Zelie Group facebook page and a Wordpress site in the works!


Go check out my fellow blogger members of The Zelie Group!


  1. I think that's really how life goes sometime-once you finish something big, you just need to start millions of projects at once. At least, that's what happened to me today. After getting bunches done this week, I was like "OK, once Peter goes down for nap, I'm reading ALL the blogs, vacuuming, organizing the whole closet, sorting through my wardrobe, etc. etc." So right now a third of our closet is piled on the bed next to a sleeping baby, but I did vacuum the floor, so it's all good, right? ;)

    That English Country Dance sounds amazing!! I think it's so cool that y'all have those types of dances.

    1. Organizing closets! I finish them, and they're so pretty, and then I have to shut the door and no one can appreciate the beautiful. :(

      I have never done English Country Dance so this will be an adventure for me too. I did Elizabethan court dance once upon a time in an acting class. So if I fast forward a few hundred years I should be good...right?

  2. I would love to be able to swing dance or ballroom dance! My husband and I have never been able to get to/budget for actual lessons, though. As a dancer, maybe you could put together a post for us wannabees who can't take lessons? What are some good resources to self-teach? :)

  3. Yay! Our library does the Discover and Go program, but I never looked into it because I didn't think there would be any "cool" museums as part of the program. I had no idea the Cal Academy was part of it! We've been there twice, for our wee girl's 2nd and 3rd birthdays and she's saying she wants to do it again for her 4th... even just one pass for free would be a great savings! Thanks for sharing!


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