Betty Bunhead Week - Ballet Intensive and a Surprise Party!

Friday, August 19, 2016

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It's the last day of Summer Ballet Intensive! Here's how the week went.


Day 1 was hard and a little overwhelming with trying to learn the teacher's style, barre routine, and expectations. But I was still feeling pretty good about things until we got to Pilates class. 

Oh Pilates class....


Day 2 I had to work through a lot of morning soreness, but I really did quite well. No ankle brace or painkillers needed all day!

But everyone kept talking about Wednesday as something to be concerned about, and.....


....Wednesday turned out to be the Day of Reckoning for dealing with the sheer physicality of dancing this hard.

I started getting some sharp pain in my ankle that is still recovering from an injury two weeks ago. Sharp pain is bad, and we're never supposed to work through pain like that.
I went home a little early after that and spent the evening resting and icing off and on.


Thursday we were back in business!

I have to remember not to overcompensate with the left foot just becuase the right is injured. No good having two hurt feet!


Thursday had a nice break for a surprise Engagement Party!

They are both from Georgia, and getting married in Atlanta, so it was a Georgia Peach theme!
I had a ton of fun with the DIY, and Matt planned all the peachy food.
More on that later!


Today is our last day of the intensive, and this afternoon is the Choreography class performance.

I'm really looking forward to showing the kiddos what Mommy has been doing all week. Some of these dancers I've been working with for months, but they have never seen my kids in person. 

Which just means I get to annoy them with showing the adorable photos Matt sends me!

But, come on, look at sweaty curly haired cuteness!!!

I really did miss the kids a lot. I love dancing, but I yearned for that afternoon hangout time with the little ones. They're really fun and awesome tiny humans!


  1. Your kids are darling :) The engagement party sounds so neat with such a cute theme! That cake looks amazing!!

  2. So neat! I love those Degas'. And what a fun theme for an engagement party!


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