Introducing The Zelie Group and JEI (Just Enough Info)!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The past few weeks a couple other Catholic mommy bloggers and I have been working on getting a new internet community going to support each other in this vocation. We are drawing inspiration  from St. Zelie Martin as a model for living deep faith while working and raising little saints. 

The Zelie Group will be a place to share this journey of motherhood, and lift each other up even from a distance.

In an effort to get to know each other, the bloggers of The Zelie Group are starting a new weekly link up: JEI (Just Enough Info). We have found that the internet can be a place where we struggle to be seen as whole persons, and we want to change that in this little corner of the internet.

Each week we'll be asking different sets of questions. If you're a blogger, link up your post! Readers can answer in the comments.

This week is all about books in honor of back to school time!

1. What are you reading right now?

Nerd alert time! So... I'm reading 3 books right now. According to my husband that's doing good for me.

I feel like I'm going to be reading After Virtue for a while. It's dense, but oh so good! 
Part of my never ending effort to keep up with my super smart husband and priest friends.

I'm going to be leading an Endow group starting next month on The Dignity and Vocation of Women. With the announcement of the formation of a Vatican commission to study the question of women deacons, I figured I should probably read up on the question before spending my Friday evenings talking about women in the Church.

Just so I don't get too heavy in Church/Philosophy reading, I threw a fun history book in there! I'm not very far in yet, but it seems entertaining and an easy read so far.

2. Which of your kids books do you wish would magically disappear?

Goodnight Gorilla. Hands Down.

Why would I want to MAKE UP the words to a bedtime book?! Is that not, like, the author's main job?
Little kids don't just like stuff a little bit, they want the thing they like over and over IN THE SAME WAY EVERY TIME.

I also hated these books as a babysitter. I'm not telepathic, and thus did not magically know the Giraffe was named Fred and he has a whole backstory one has to tell.

Do not inflict this book on your poor, unsuspecting, babysitter!

End rant.

3. What was your favourite book when you were little?

I suppose the answer to this largely depends on what age of little we're talking about. 

In terms of actual kids books I adored The Olden Days

It's all about how people lived in 1800s New England. You get to see things like how a grain mill worked, blacksmith shop, and how to make cheese.

It is apparently so vintage you can buy it on Etsy. I suppose I was a hipster child.


Your turn! Answer the questions in the comments or link up your post!
Make sure you read the rules of the link up and follow each of the hosts in some way.

If you're linking up, feel free to use this image.

Questions for next week:
1. What is your best school memory from your childhood?
2. Do you have any back-to-school family traditions?
3. Markers or colored pencils?


  1. Children's books that need to disappear:

    Runaway Bunny. It's like, okay kid, what's the next scenario you want to muse upon? Stabbing your mother in the heart with the very knife she uses to lovingly cut your sandwich into heart and star shapes every day? My heart is going to collapse in on itself if you fantasize about one more way to get away from your saint of a mother.

    Much better version:

    I Love You Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt. Big hit with the boys, similar messaging of "I'll always love you," but funny and far less cruel.

    1. Right?! I think of Runaway Bunny's mother as probably being besties with Caillou's mom. It's the only way those two could possibly be raising those kids.
      And by the grace of God. Like a vat of it. Vat of Grace! I could use one of those...

    2. We LOVE "I Love You Stinky Face!" A much nicer mom, to be sure. :)

  2. This is so fun! That drinking book looks awesome, and the book on deaconesses is probably really fascinating (and helpful, so that you can offer a historical explanation of deaconesses to people that try and use them as a reason for why we should have female priests).
    Currently, I'm reading The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton, which is awesome and I love. I don't really have a kids book I can think of that I wish would disappear; I really like our collection and can't think of any that annoy me a bunch (I guess some Berenstain bears books?). Oh, I had so many favorite books when I was little! Little House on the Prairie books probably hit the top of the list, though.

    1. I really need to get on adding some Merton into my reading rotation.

  3. I love that you added the questions for next week too! I didn't think of doing that! lol I have also been lucky enough not to come across the Goodnight Gorilla book. I have to recommend staying away from It's Hard to be Five too!

    1. It helps me remember what I should be thinking about for next week too! It's Hard to be Five looks awful. I'm pretty against any book that suggests new ways to misbehave for my kids - they're plenty good at it by themselves. Curious George requires some skimming before reading for that reason.


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