Baptism Gifts - For babies!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

I have a baptism to attend in an hour, so it makes perfect sense to write up some of my favorite baptism gift ideas. Right?

Here are some gift ideas for the new little Catholic!

Patron Saint Statue

3.5 inches tall in reality.
I like getting these little pewter statues because they are a real religious object that little little kids can play with and be (reasonably) safe. aka. nearly impossible to break.

I try my best to get their patron saint, but sometimes it's a saint that has special meaning for their parents about this baby.

Fabric mass book

These are from the etsy shop BabiesBowTiesRibbons

Some brilliant person made a fabric printing that are most of the responses we have at mass! Etsy people have sewn them for you, and occasionally added fabric tags and teethers so baby is super entertained at mass.

If you want to sew one yourself, I found the fabric!

CCC Saint Movie

I LOVE these movies! If the child has a patron saint included among the CCC movies, I would get that in a heartbeat! 

The Day the Sun Danced (Fatima) and St. Patrick were my favorites growing up.

Children's Bible

I like children's bibles! Here are the ones I use with my kids. Pictures are clickable links!


Now, who can guess what I got for this little one's baptism today? 

Here are your hints!

1. It's on this list.
2. His patron saint is St. Gabriel the Archangel 
3. He's 4 months old

What do you think?


  1. Replies
    1. For a four month old it's going to be great in a couple of months no?


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    1. Ok, if you click the RSS icon on the follow me section, it will now give you the raw RSS feed to use in a reader. Let me know if you continue to have issues!


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